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Xrealming has completely ruined this game

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Re: Xrealming has completely ruined this game

Post#11 » Mon Dec 04, 2023 7:12 pm

Haojin wrote: Mon Dec 04, 2023 7:09 pm i totally agree with op. biggest problems of ror atm:

2-regen builds
3-ah taxes
4-rampage****choppa pull through everything
5-rof stacking bws****Mara 3km pull

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Re: Xrealming has completely ruined this game

Post#12 » Mon Dec 04, 2023 9:35 pm

In 2015 I played only order
In 2016 I played only destro
In 2018 I played only order again
in 2020 I played only destro again

im filthy xrealmer

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Re: Xrealming has completely ruined this game

Post#13 » Mon Dec 04, 2023 10:04 pm

If a person has toons on only one side they're in their first year or so of playing the game. If they have toons on both sides they're in at least year 3 usually. I don't have a problem with the side swapping with such a low population, except in the area of forts. There should be lockouts when forts are up (if that's even possible). If you want to participate in a fort your toon should have to participate in the zone push/defense.
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Re: Xrealming has completely ruined this game

Post#14 » Mon Dec 04, 2023 10:05 pm

The worst thing about guild warbands switching sides:

24 players switching side = -24 allies and +24 enemies -> 48 player delta created by only one warband switching.

Due to this the population shifts very quickly from one side to the other. It's good when they switch to the underdog, it's very bad when they join the already stronger side. It renders the game unplayable for everybody else. Once there are multiple warbands roaming on one side the other side can log off... it's becoming pointless.

I don't think that the x-realming is the real issue here. The problem is, that the better warbands are way too hard to kill. The survivability these tanks and guarded melees have with 8 healers in their back per warband is insane. Due to this all that matters is whether you have organized warbands or not. Every other player is a complete non-factor.

I'd limit warbands to 12 players or even remove them to only have groups of 6. That would nerf the cross healing and their survivability. Other players, whether pugs or solos should have a higher chance to kill premade warband targets. At the moment it is close to zero.

Warbands are the plague of ORVR. Done right their risk is too low, taking the fun of everybody else, mainly new and casual players - exactly the players they should focus on to keep them playing.

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Re: Xrealming has completely ruined this game

Post#15 » Mon Dec 04, 2023 10:23 pm

Uchoo wrote: Mon Dec 04, 2023 6:35 pm Do people x-realm to the winning side? Probably, but you probably shouldn't care because those who do are typically of little impact in RvR besides being a body. Sorry if this offends anyone.
Generally speaking I agree with much of what you wrote, but wanted to point out it does matter. Those extra bodies create "friction" that slows down the under-manned side from trying to thwart the stronger side. Combine that with roving warbands that are more than happy to zerg down any resistance (and mechanics that don't really reward resistance), it has a profound effect on the ability to resist.

Sulorie wrote: Mon Dec 04, 2023 6:54 pm xrealming, got you. Following the well known topic order the next hot thread will be rampage again.

On a serious note, why you are bothered by the side someone goes to? On high enemy aao they get basically nothing for kills.
This is only sorta true. A kill is a kill when it comes to final contribution for the zone and capping the zone with pretty much any token resistance offers significantly higher rewards for the effort put in compared to trying to resist the enemy in a high AAO zone. Multiple times I have logged onto the game just before a zone cap (about 10-15 minutes), made a couple of fairly easy kills (or more accurately zerged them down) to the outnumbered side and then hit the lord and received several thousand renown and 15-20 crests.

All this is to say the risk/rewards for fighting on the overmatched side are significantly out of whack compared to the zerg side. Also the campaign mechanics changes they have made over the years basically results in stalemates during EU prime and then some kind of mass rush to collect renown at the end of everyone's various days.

Anyway, it is what it is. Imbalance is a feature, not a defect. What would make it more fun from my perspective is to focus on is making it more desirable/rewarding for small groups to put up a resistance when they are heavily outnumbered so they can keep the zergling masses and fragile "elite" guilds entertained. Because, lets face it, folks respond to rewards and there ain't no PvP if folks are not willing to put up some kind of resistance.

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Re: Xrealming has completely ruined this game

Post#16 » Mon Dec 04, 2023 10:44 pm

No wb swaps sides in night these days - primetime is much shorter and xrealm timer stops it from occurring.
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Re: Xrealming has completely ruined this game

Post#17 » Mon Dec 04, 2023 11:55 pm

Haojin wrote: Mon Dec 04, 2023 7:09 pm i totally agree with op. biggest problems of ror atm:

2-regen builds
3-ah taxes
4-nerfed buttons - now sequencer
6-rof stacking bws
7. Mumble Rap

Elemint wrote: Mon Dec 04, 2023 5:48 pm

I felt so sickened by this cynicism and gear chasing that i've quit playing entirely, as did some of my friends. It's a game friends, it's meant to be fun, not just an empty gear grind...

And there it is. The real issue. Xrealming is simply a symptom of it. This server just feels like an endless gear grind with "most" people seemingly never wanting to play to game to get better, or just Waaagh. And, to be fair, the server has consistantly catered to this. You never need to win a single SC, take/defend a single keep/zone/city to reach RR80 BiS, then just reroll and afk farm on another toon. Oh, but the PvE is here now! That has definitely led to better gameplay...

Maybe that's just what modern gaming is though. There's a reason MMOs are a dying genre.

At the end of the day however, OP, this is a game. If people want to play it as an endless gear loop, as long as they're having fun, what to do about it? How many players will the server lose if, by some magical wand waving power, you manage to eliminate any possibility of Xrealming? How many of them will make essentially the same argument back at you(and me)? "This is a game, and I am having fun. Bugger off"

p.s. I'm not bitter. I once was, but I'm better now.
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Re: Xrealming has completely ruined this game

Post#18 » Tue Dec 05, 2023 9:35 am

Xrealming is not the problem, the frustration of "there is nothing that can be done" is the problem - and that is a meta thing that only the Devs can address. Imo the fundamental problem with this game is that Destro is supposed to be able to kite and burst, while Order is supposed to sit and grind the enemy down. I believe you're feeling that frustration and blaming it on xrealming, but you mind xrealming less on Destro if you know how to kite, while on Order there are only boring options available to you.

When Destro is being zerged, they have the tools to spread out Order: more CC, no fear of pulls, faster morales to turn around with Bellows to get kills.

When Order is being zerged, their only tool is to use its advantage on funnels. That means playing around keeps and specific parts of the map, but that doesn't really work because this is a decades old game so everybody on Destro knows where to not take fights. And its goddamn boring.

Destro is easier to play, and that is why most xrealming guilds have better K/D on Destro. Its also more fun. You can move around and adapt when forced to, while Order has to pick a place to sit and wait when forced to. I would post the K/D of 6 xrealming guilds but i think thats against the forum's rule right? But out of those 6, 5 have better perfomance on Destro.

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Re: Xrealming has completely ruined this game

Post#19 » Tue Dec 05, 2023 10:41 am

The solution is both sipmle and unacceptable - open alla zones, take lord form keeps, let the ppl ninja keep. Zerg will split, becuase need to watch on all keeps, xrealm will be meaningless because numbers will not secure the victory, so no will be no reason to change sides.

And RoR will never try it, even fo two weeks XD

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Re: Xrealming has completely ruined this game

Post#20 » Tue Dec 05, 2023 11:55 am

Lets jump in the "hydra" of all reasons who are ruining the game. :)

No offense here but a terrible and cold observation.

This game has a very specific gameplay and is based on a single thing : It is player driven.

In this 2 faction game, if there are no opponent, if players behaviour goes in a direction -by personnal choice- the nature of the game itself change. And opponent has to adapt to it.

Some are here to win at any price, some are just looking for a nice figurine best slotted in their character lobby, some are looking for friends, and some other are looking for fame, and some other -i target no one- are still hoping to see the universe binding to their personnal will instead of questionning themself (grow up a little).

Some will argue : "Yes, but the game allows you to do this". Sure. Life allows you to jump into the void, but you don't :).

My point is that we are all making the game. You are the reason why sometime it is wonderfull, and why sometime it is stupid.

All causes of your complains and enjoyment are the result of player choices. Ror is just a huge sandbox with pretty simple rules (improveable ofc). But in the end of the day ? Do you want more rules ? Do you want less choices ? Do you want a narrow and constrained role ? Really ? :) I don't think so.

I imagine easily your reaction if in this game your choices were limited by strong imposed rules. This wouldn't be a game anymore. It would be a theater scene (note, we already have dramas, so probably a part of community would enjoy it).

We are all responsible for the quality of the game in this big sandbox; like in any games, or real life.

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