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[Few suggestions]

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[Few suggestions]

Post#1 » Fri May 24, 2024 6:58 pm

Some of my suggestions that I would like to see in the game.

1) Dps 4 trui bonus in my opinion should be changed.
130 WS + 130 tough debuff is strong enough to practically eliminate other set mixes.
I would change it to 130 ranged/mele power + 130 tough debuff (similar to what was in the better live server sets) or 130 WS buff replaced with 5-6% armour pene buff.
This would eventually make WS buffs applicable like BO “Follow me' Lead”.
I would combine this with changing the IB ability “Watch En' Learn” so that it additionally gives a WS buff for his Oath Friend.

2) Additionally, I would change the currently unused mdps 7 sove bonus (7% CTBC debuff on target) to a buff whose name I can't remember because it was withdrawn from RoR. On the live server it occurred frequently and on RoR it was in 2h SL/Choppa. X% chance on hit on buff 9% crit and 12% crit dmg for 9 sec.

What would it change?
It would give more opportunities to mix sets.
It would improve the position of BO/IB giving WS buff (no this moment useless).
It could break with the current meta.
It would give a better opportunity to build characters based on crit chance and not just the ubiquitous flat dmg.

3) Punts have 10 sec cd also on snb specs (all tanks like IB now).
4) BO/SM kd and ST punt should be excluded from mechanics.
5) Hopeless barriers should be removed in all sc.
6) Tanks punts in gaurds should score kills and give renown as it was on live server.
7) Bring back CD, RD, 50% TB
8) Give more opportunities to earn crit chance. Like on live server 4% crit talismans in shoulders.
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