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[Squig Herder] Some ideas for rework

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[Squig Herder] Some ideas for rework

Post#1 » Sat Oct 17, 2020 8:26 pm

Good day

I wanted to suggest some ideas for reworking the squig

I'd love to see a change in pets - an increase in attack range to 80-100 feet or an increase in their survivability against AoE attacks

And actually some of my ideas based on some similar classes


Gas squig
Rework -
you range is increased by 10%, and you chance to critically hit for Path of Big Shootin' abilities increased by 5% as long as this squig is alive

I think it's more than logical to make a more specialized pet for a specific branch - for sniper shooting, increase the range and crit chance

Horned squig
rework pet abiliti -
head butt - dealing 141 damage to your target and reduces range of their abilities to 75% for next 3 seconds

this is replacment shrapnel arrer ability (Path of Big Shootin) to pet ability
squig herder needs a knock as a character - it is more than logical to replace the skill of a melee pet - in this situation it will also help the squig in melee, for example, to attack the AoE
healer hard

Spiked squig
Rework -
You gain the ability to autoattack while moving, and increases the armor penetration of all Path of Quick Shootin' attacks by 20% as long as this squig is alive

This is an alternative to the shadow warrior Powefull Draw shadows tactic

now the sharp spikes of the squig will work more logically)

Mastery abilities

Path of Big Shootin

Shrapnel Arrer
20 action points
100ft range
1.0s cast
15s cooldown

On contact, you arrow explodes in the shrapnel, dealing 106 damage, reduces your targets toughness by 50 for 15 seconds, and knocks the target down for 3 seconds

Knock, just knock. squig herder need range knock. The skill Not So Fast! reduces initiative, I think it would be correct to make a Shrapnel Arrer decrease toughness (or wounds).
The cooldown time does not change with the presence of a pet

Poison Arrer
30 action points
100ft range
3.0s cast
5s cooldown

Deals 533 Corporeal damage to your target and then dealing additional 416 corporeal damage over 9 seconds

Of course, all goblins want true poison - i think this skill must be same as Mutating Blue Fire of Magus

Path of Quick Shootin

Yer Bleedin'
level 18 (replace Not So Fast to level 2)
25 action points
65ft range
instant cast
no cooldown

An Ailment which deals 760 damage to ypur target over 15 seconds. Stacks up to 3 times

Nuff said - mirror of Broadhead Arrow of shadow warrior, with reduce range (to realize Shootin'Wif da Wind tactic)


This is how I see basic of positive rework of rdd SH - in my opinion it is quite pleasant and will not shift the class balance

thank you for your attention, good luck everyone


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