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[Archmage] In concern of Energy of Vaul

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[Archmage] In concern of Energy of Vaul

Post#1 » Fri Aug 31, 2018 9:17 pm

Currently, Energy of Vaul is too inconsistent to be relied on to heal your party, also since it is quite a large heal you'd want to be using when your party is at around 50% or lower, but since it's inconsistent due to healing randoms or other groups, and only managing to heal two people on a consistent basis in your group, it makes it un viable to be used, since you'd be relying on RNG to heal your group up in critical situations and moments. Although this system was a smart way to retroactively balance Energy of Vaul based on what you're doing, it has made it again a bottom barrel healer.

I propose a somewhat rework of play style of the current AM, starting with Energy of Vaul.
Energy of Vaul should be limited to only heal your party, and instead of its healing output being based around the amount of targets you hit with it, it's healing output should be dictated by how many Tranquillity points you have, and once you use Energy of Vaul it should consume all of the Tranquillity points that you had. Values of each point of Tranquillity effecting Energy of Vaul should be somewhere around (at end game gear) 700, 1.3k, 2k, 2.6k, 3.3k, 4k.

To coincide with this change, I also a propose a change to Funnel Essence to work in cohesion with Energy of Vaul.
Put Funnel Essence to 9 in Isha tree, and move Magical Infusion to 13 (Magical Infusion 25% heal buff is extremely good and should have a trade off in 6v6 to spec into it)
Make each tick of Funnel Essence, generate a point of Tranquillity, make the channel time 4 seconds (or comparatively 5 ticks for 5 seconds), and increase the cd to 15 seconds. This way you maintain the structure of AM, sacrificing mobility for great healing output.
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