[WP/DoK][Grace/Sacrifice] Sacrifice/Blood of my Blood - Ability cooldown reduction

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[WP/DoK][Grace/Sacrifice] Sacrifice/Blood of my Blood - Ability cooldown reduction

Post#1 » Wed Mar 13, 2019 10:51 pm

Sacrifice/Blood of my Blood [ability] is an incredibly powerful group heal that is offset by a hefty cost: 10% of your class resource per second in addition to a large unmitigable damage hit to the caster per second. Due to the strength of the ability (AoE, unaffected by heal debuffs), I have no issue with the high costs associated with using it. Using the ability safely and smartly is part of the hidden power of the ability. However, the costs still have a very real impact on gameplay, notably the survivability of the caster. As a result, the ability is best used in short durations of 3 to 5 seconds at a time, rather than the full cast duration of 10 seconds. This type of usage reduces the effective up-time from 33.33% to between 10% to 16.67%.

Grace and Sacrifice WPs/DoKs have reduced effectiveness in Open RvR situations involving warbands versus warbands. This is because, despite being able to becomes incredibly tanky, Grace and Sacrifice WPs/DoKs cannot reach the absolute levels of survivability that a front-line SnB tank can. As a result, Grace and Sacrifice WPs/DoKs often have to rely heavily on their only usable casted heal, Sacrifice/Blood of my Blood [ability], to fill in the gaps in their healing capabilities lest they risk exposing themselves to death (and thereby outputting no healing). This ability has a 30 second cooldown, which is very high for such an important ability, and thus reduces the healing effectiveness of Grace and Sacrifice WPs/DoKs during warband versus warband combat.

Provide a buff to Sacrifice/Blood of my Blood by lowering the cooldown by 5* seconds.

*I had initially considered as high as a 10 second cooldown reduction to the ability, but after careful consideration thought it would risk making the ability usable too often, and thus make Grace/Sacrifice more about using this ability than any of its other abilities.

Grace/Sacrifice WPs/DoKs will benefit from increased functionality of Sacrifice/Blood of my Blood [ability]. Reducing the cooldown of the ability by 5 seconds would improve the effective up-time from 33.33% to 40% when channeled for the full 10 seconds and from 16.67% to 20% when channeled for 5 seconds (20% boost to up-time). This would provide a modest increase in the usability of the ability without increasing the actual output of the healing and without reducing the cost (class resource/health). A 5 second cooldown is also a 16.67% overall cooldown reduction, which effectively increases the amount of casts of the ability in a given time period, and thereby assists Grace/Sacrifice WPs/DoKs in their goal of healing their party when unable to reach melee combat safely.
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