[RP] Rune of Striking

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[RP] Rune of Striking

Post#1 » Thu Mar 14, 2019 9:44 pm

The Issue

As we all know, RP is the worst damage dealer among all casters. Because of very low base skill dmg in order to achieve any acceptable level of dps one has to heavily invest into int/wp and crit (which cannot be pushed above 20% level I think) leaving very little space for defenses. So basically RP's only defense is its mobility, which is not impressive, as it has no root/snare breakers. Mobility is even more important, that long ticking dots and lack of finishers give opponents lots of time to either get in melee range or run away. Also, because of very same reason of low dmg, in order to be useful DPS RP should target squishies so has to be closer to the melee line to reach them, what forces them to move all the time.

Right now any kind of swift ST rotation is not possible as RP has only few damaging spells and their cooldowns leave a 4s gap, which requires using non damaging fillers. Other way around this problem is to use Rune of Striking, which is 2s cast and it is not castable on the move. That has a negative impact on both outgoing dps and survivability of the Runie.

I consciously leave out Rune of Fortune as I think it requires different kind of love.

Solution: Changing RoS so it could be casted while moving

It would close the rotation gap and increase the dps output without negating the moblity. Its dmg is low enough that it won't be OP in any way. IMHO it would be the first safe little step towards fixing DPS RP.


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