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[chosen] rending blade and cripple strike (a hug couple)

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[chosen] rending blade and cripple strike (a hug couple)

Post#1 » Tue Apr 02, 2019 7:48 pm

Patch history over chosen show that that there wasn't really an understanding of what some skill suppose to provide to the class and what should had been their role in some field of the game

1-the combo rending blade and cripple strike was thinked for make viable the chosen in wb play as 2h, both as support for the wb and both as a self defense tool (i want to point out that the disrup from discord mastery is meant as CC vs magic classes rather than a self defense tool and so chosen go around with just 25% parry avoidance in 2h.....)

2-the chosen have other meaningfull way to perform offensive in small scale (tough his dmg can be lower than other tanks this is not a problem) and didnt require a dmg buff in form of a tactic ( this was both shortsighted as it wasnt required and dangerous at the same time because move the game from a CC game into a damages BUS gameplay again and more which is less fun and variegated for all and not required for what chosen bring on the table in form of punt on 2h).

3-as per title rending blade and cripple strike are a hug couple they worked togheter and only togheter (especially post CD reduction changes....i will talk about this another time)... now the sich is broken and 2h have no way to enter a wb like a BG could, so 2h lover are forced to s+b in wb and s+b lover due other changes are forced to 2h in sc (tis is not about optimization is about to make both 2h and s+b viable in wb and small scale while not restrain some gameplay)

4-the problem rending blade had could had beens solved in 2 ways instead rework cripple strike which would had been less invasive

Solution + dmg reduction stack problem fix:
revert changes done but also

A) changes how dmg reduction stack with each other so that challenge / m3 / cripple srike no longer provide 100% dmg reduction (but leave outside of this hardly concessions for obvious reason....)

1-B ) litteraly swap cripple strike effect and rending blade effect, the tactic will make the skill undefeatbale and the skill will debuff the dmg on enemy, by doing this be a skill it wont stack anymore (as in live implementation) with challenge etc but it will also be more consistent with all other skill x tactic behaviour in game.
-> this will also have side effect to cut out the debuff from the small scale most likely tought)

2-b) litteraly dont make cripple strike stack as in live ( was a tactic which didn't stack)

3-b) simply revert but nerf cripple strike to 15%, considering
-m3 last 10 sec and work on the first 9 randomly applied ppl
-challenge go out after 3 hits
-cripple strike can be cleansed if reverted

-"Loop warned into oblivion" --> smell like chaosy enought :D
-Nazgul--> ambitious but rubbish, cit Blast :D
-GMs --> dosent matter what they say not, they get offend by colors so watch out plebs! :D


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