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[AM] High magic

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[AM] High magic

Post#1 » Fri Apr 26, 2019 10:59 am

I would like to suggest changes in high magic class ability.
I like the idea of this class passive ability, which forces player to use sertain abiliteis for greater usage of the others. It makes class dynamic, players can choose from lots of spells to use. So player is using abilities that builds up for example tranquility, so when he need tranquility spells they are much more effective. Problem is, that this works only for DPS archmages, who use alredy builded up force points for greater self healing or it works for very offensive healers. Which means it is good for 1v1 / 2v2 combats sadly not for rvr. Archamge healers are very underrated by comunity and very often unwanted in warbands/parties.
I would like to suggest some changes, which will make healing more dynamic (and stop spamming 3 heals....)
1. Penetrating siphon (tactic in Path of vaul) - Balance Essence and Energy of vaul will do 0 spiritual damage, which is alredy there, but change would be that player do not need to target enemy player anymore because it just does not deal damage. So it becomes from Balance Essence normal ST heal and from Energy of vaul it would be friendly target ST heal with small AOE heal around target.

2. Empowered Lores (career tactic) with some changes: every spell will now grant 2 points of either force or tranquility and no CD for tactic. Basically this would result in decreasing number of spells needed for change from max points of one high magic to another. Now you need to use 5 tranquility spells, which take ages in fights, to gain some effective force heals.

3. Change some of the already existing healing spells to build up force rather than tranquiliy.

If some of the changes will happen, i think high magic ability itself would need to be changed as well.

I hope some if my ideas will help ROR team to do some changes fo archamge healers.
Thank you,
i wish you a nice weekend


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