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Creating a Proposal

For submitting topics for approval by the moderators for full discussion.

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Creating a Proposal

Post#1 » Tue May 07, 2019 5:17 am

At the most basic level, clearly identify an issue and resolution. Your skill at doing so will largely be the contributing factor for whether or not it succeed. Bad proposals are very easy to toss out.

This can be done on several scales of impact, but be advised that the wider your proposal is in scope, the less likely you will have success during discussion, or that the Dev team will find it unacceptable to implement. Generally a single class should be the focus, however some classes that have mirror functions will need to be addressed why both classes should be affected by the change. We're not looking to mirror abilities any more than absolutely necessary and would prefer to find unique answers to specific classes when possible. Simply mirroring two classes out of an often times reasonable sense of fairness does not follow the spirit of 24 unique classes. We have the technology to provide purpose outside of strict mirroring.

The more information you bring to support your proposal can be helpful, but very long proposals can be a negative as well. A poorly written or badly formatted proposal can be a limiting factor from moving into Discussion. Use spoiler tags for longer sections of evidence to support your proposal and try to have a brief synopsis at the top of your post with your options to resolve it. If your information reflects a general lack of skill or situations that don't fit the role your change is intended to fill, it may also negatively affect your chance of approval.

Some examples that would be rejected
- An AOE focused spec should not have a proposal to add ST burst, it doesn't fit the tree.
- A class designed for stealth and surprise should not expect to have a mastery tree fully reworked for AOE damage.
- Reworking a healing ability into a damaging ability would need very good reasons to do so.
- Adding various magic damage to traditionally physical based specs is counter to the weaknesses a class needs to overcome.

Warhammer is very thematic, and while playability is key for highly optimized situations, general class feel and fun-factor are not entirely ignored when proposals are reviewed. Lore and class identity are also highly respected. We are not the owners of this content and intellectual property, and we should take great care to keep it within the well established realm of Warhammer Fantasy.

Poster will be expected to have several options for a balance change that resolves their issue. If these options all fail to be accepted, but other ideas come to mind, the Poster should request this discussion to be locked so they can form a new one around these ideas instead of continually updating the current one. That being said, during initial review, the first Proposal post will be locked from editing.
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