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[RP/Zealot] Mastery tree tweaks

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[RP/Zealot] Mastery tree tweaks

Post#1 » Sat May 25, 2019 12:07 pm

The RP and Zealot mastery trees are a bit of a mess at the moment, with the vast majority of the skills/tactics being very lacklustre, and the ones that are useful for heal, DPS or utility-focussed builds are scattered across all three trees.

There are a couple of simple switches that would go some way to arranging the trees a bit more sensibly though:


[*] Switch Rune of Nullification (heal debuff) from the left hand Grungni tree with Earth's Shielding (attacker loses stats when hitting RP shielded target) from the middle Valaya tree.

This will mean that the useful DPS-focussed tactics and skills are across 2 trees, rather than being high up in all 3 trees as they are now. Contrast the current situation with DoK/WP who get all their DPS goodies in 1 tree, with a few optional extras low down in a second tree; and Sham/AM whose DPS abilities are across 2 trees.


Zealot's currently have it even worse, with their most effective heal build and DPS build needing points in all 3 trees

[*] Switch Tzeentch's Refreshment (chance to give party members AP on heal) from 7 points in middle Witchcraft tree, to 7 points in left hand Alchemy tree - the position it's in for RPs.

[*] Move Manipulation (chance for offensive target to take damage when healing def target) from 7 points in Alchemy tree to 11 points in alchemy tree, and boost either proc chance or damage %

[*] Move Changer's Touch (heal debuff) from left hand Alchemy tree to 7 points in middle Witchcraft tree



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