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Black Ork tactic big brawling tactic enhancement

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Black Ork tactic big brawling tactic enhancement

Post#1 » Mon Aug 05, 2019 10:23 am

Currently the big brawling tactic is very weak compared to other tank class 7point buff/debuff trees equivalent

The tactic as it stands today is:

Big Brawling
Path of Da Boss
Level 1
No range
No cooldown
Big Swing now Snares for 20% for 5 seconds and Disorients, increasing build times by 20%.

Both the snare and the build time increase are not noticeable in a fight making this a tactic rather lack luster.
This was heavily nerfed a while back
Big Brawlin' snare and disorient of Big Swing are reduced to 20% (down from 40% snare and 25% disorient), but there is no cooldown. Debuff is an Ailment. (link

I believe that this nerf should be at least partially rolled back as in current state this tactic is barely useful.

Suggested change
Snare Increase moved from current 20% to 30 % and cd increase back to 25% to justify using a tactic for this


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