[Blackguard] Additional DOT Necro

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[Blackguard] Additional DOT Necro

Post#1 » Wed Aug 21, 2019 3:54 am

Hello good people,

I made a post back in 2018 regarding the addition of a new DoT for Blackguards which was neither declined nor advanced. I would like to once again bring attention to this to see if there is any interest in making this change.

The crux of my argument as to why I think Blackguards need another DoT effect is that; Blackguards are the only class in the game with only one DoT effect provided either by tactic or ability. Our old DoT Blade of Ruin was removed long ago and replaced with our 2h knockdown and no change was ever made to compensate for this loss. Because tanks are in most cases unable to kill a target in less than 10 seconds, this is a disadvantage in terms of net dps.

For tanks, DoTs are one of the most effective ways to build damage because they provide more DPS per GCD than direct damaging abilities. For tanks that are not specced as glass cannons this makes a big difference, because there are a large number of cases where you can go through muliple rotations on a target before they die. Having more DoTs allows for higher dps with less stat investment simply because DoTs provide higher damage per GCD.

In addition, if a taunt is used on a target after your DoTs have been applied these DoTs will retroactively benefit from your taunt, which guarantees that the +30% damage of your taunt will be applied (at least partially) to more than one of your abilities. Whereas tank classes that rely on direct damage will only be able to benefit one damaging effect at a time with taunt.

My solutions to this problem would be either one of the following:

Change the tactic Monstrous Ruin to provide a DoT effect to pitiless strike similar to SMs ensorcelled agony or 3 pt khaine tactic. I think this is a reasonable solution because as it stands right now, Monstrous Ruin is fairly redundant. It doesn't provide enough hate reduction that you wouldn't still need an additional hate reducing tactic in order to spam AOE. You essentially get the same effect from using thirst for death and efficient slaughter, which are both core.


Change the ability Feeding on Weakness to deal damage over time. Currently this ability is not worth using in my opinion, the toughness buff does not stack with potions and the healing it provides is negligible because it has such low base damage. Anyone who needs the healing is much more likely to use Bolstering Anger or a potion rather than waste a GCD on this.

Moar dots please and thanks.
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