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[Blackguard] - Anguish tree overhaul

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[Blackguard] - Anguish tree overhaul

Post#1 » Mon Aug 26, 2019 12:07 pm

since Anguish is almost unusuable, we should stick to flavour of this tree being a disrupt/utility tree. As Malekith chooses his bodyguards from masters of this art.

Soulkiller Tactic- aside from healing debuff , Mindkiller is also harder to parry/block -lets say 10% block/parry bypass. Crushing Anger has its crit chance increased by 15% .
Elite training - also applies to block. So if shield is weared it works with elite traning.
Shielding Anger tactic - also buffs dodge 3%.
Bolstering Anger - during the duration has effect of Endless Pursuit tactic, works also after Dodge. So you have to manage hate level.

M4 as Devs suggests in lates discussion or keep it as it is with larger radius /dmg.

Following changes are about to put this tree in the middle of other two. Works with 2h and shield alike.

EDIT 07-10-2019
version #2 Anguish Overhaul
Soulkiller Tactic asisde from healing debuff, makes Choking Fury to strike all enemies in front (Monstrous rending Radius)
Elite Traning - also applies to dodge.
Shielding Anger tactic - also buffs dodge 3%
Bolstering Anger - no changes
Unstoppable Fury tactic - works with taunt/challange also, each taunt/challange/detaunt dispelled grants a stack with 10% damage bonus that last up to 5 sec, stacks up to 3 times.

Supporting changes:
Endless Pursuit Tactic - works also with Dodge.
Demise Refusal - new tactic, Bolestering Anger ticks are twice the amount of heal but lasts maximum up to 15 sec. Hate consumption also doubled. Cooldown unchanged
Bleaksword Doctrine- new tactic, increases Elite Training stacks to 8. Elite training works with shield also.

M4 as Devs suggests in lates discussion or keep it as it is with larger radius /dmg.
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