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Pop - Stun - Burst combo

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Pop - Stun - Burst combo

Post#1 » Sun Sep 15, 2019 11:59 am

pop - stun - burst
this 3~5sec combo is available for WH, WL, ASW and WE, SH


risk and reward unbalance by class mechanic

this combo was trademark of WH/WE.
high risk high reward play, gamble.
weak armored stealther reveal themselves to burst down enemy.
because of high risk and difficulty in preparation, it's acceptable that they do such thing.
- completly steal reaction time

now let's see others.


pet was supposed to be mechanic - play it well or it's weakness.
though pet buffs removed weakness from WL.

here's details of pet buff.

melting pet - stat buff + dmg reduction from blind aoe.
for stats,
loner is 25% dmg bonus. i think this was guideline for pet dmg
however, rough test shows pet dmg is 66% of master.
1min dummy hitting, only counted AA, on TTH stance.
master 14962, pet 9931
TTK would be higer, TTT lower.

pet gone missing - following master on heel, zero delay. retreat speed buff.
not sure how this'll change after pathing patch.

compare it with WH/WE combo.
medium armor, pounce - brutal pounce - burst
pet could be weakness.
but WH/WE risk their lives while WL risk their pet.
low risk high reward.
required no preparation, no pet control, level of difficulty is too easy.

IMO this combo should be rare.
requires great preparation, efforts, payment if failed.
WE/WH should be the top of this combo that others mimic, follow behind,
currently it's opposite. WE/WH are worst of this trick.

in grp

we saw individual comparison.
here's synergy from group.

WE/WH need stealth to bring this combo, do nothing to grp during preparation.
others perform actions normally before combo.
and still pop surprise attack.


modify burst part of pet.
master have same stats as other dps.
tactics, skills in same line more of less.
pet is bonus over other dps. 66% dmg bonus without skills.

attack simultaneously with master is burst mechanic.
after pet GCD fix, pet attack mechanic is fine.
remaining problem is too high dmg stat( or pet weapon dps )
it would not be terrible if AA of TTH pet deals 33% ~ 45% of master for 1min.
66% is just too much.
couldn't test defensive stats of pet.


before start check this first plz.
SW, mara, WL, SH.
they have defensive mechanic - assault, monstro, bouncin gets armor buff.
guardian gets stronger pet capable of cc.
it's off spec like dps tank/heal, combined with related tree
not full defence but half tank half dps build.
monstro mara is good example.
guardian bouncin we discuss later.

back to topic,
SW lost off spec and got full mdps.
overall dmg buff on assault skills because it was 1h mdps at melee.
but didn't removed ranged attack and stance changing.
so they got armor buff, dmg buff, range attack, gap closer all at once.

stance changing was their mechanic. mara and SW.
from there pros and cons came.
wrong stance was critical mistake which lead to weakness.
stay in 1 stance doing half performance or use all to be better.
ASW don't have this weakness.
also they still access ranged attack.
plus spammable range dot is not effected by toughness much.

when devs changing ASW they asked community if they want to keep stance dance or not.
devs took path of no stance changing to be effective mdps.
it's WE with medium armor. and bow.

compare their combo with WE/WH.
slightly riskier than WL, not much risky.
medium armor, offence(VoN) defence(SS) buff after pop.
no preparation required.

in grp, same as WL at combo.


modify opener and dmg part.

remove shadow step and buffs, replace it with mdps charge.
let them be full mdps but what could be their weakness?
completely block range skills on assault stance.
give 1min root/snare immune like every mdps core.
this core requires assault stance and 11pt mastery ( if possible )


you may not agree they are OP.
but slight unbalance adding themselves become bigger as snowball effect.
specially when 100+ fight.
you have to look at this as realm balance.
not only small scale PoV.

you may say goblins have run speed for realm balance.
realm balance shouldn't work like that.
how often they balance out each other? 20% of entire zone fight?
what's rest of unbalanced chances then.
even if it's designed for 50% chance, humans can make it worse.
that's where community cried.
if you worried about gobo speed tactic, make it break on skill using, like Quick Escape RR skill.

it's time to fix it, don't blame filthy pugs.
longer the problems exposed easier to exploit.

ps. guardian and bouncin
it's unique. can be both off spec or main role.
if they go defensive gear, dmg also reduced but reduced first then raised by pet.
it's their mechanic, alive pet = bonus.
if they go dps gear, these trees remain dps role.
but highly depend on pets.
still, it's option for off spec. all but SW
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