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Winds of Insanity

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Winds of Insanity

Post#1 » Fri Dec 13, 2019 4:10 pm

Time for this old friend, once again.

First of all let's clear up some of the missconceptions about the ability:
- Winds of insanity is a Self-blessing not a channel. It counts as a Toggle on/off tool
- In order to stop this effect the zealot needs to run out of AP, the duration run its full duration, or the zealot dies, or the zealot toggles it off again.
Taunt, silence, stagger, pull - don't interrupt Winds of Insanity!
- The ability respect immunities on targets, but does not apply them itself

The ability worked exactly like this on AoR so there is no arguement for this is not woring as intented:

RoR the punt works the same: ... &sort=time

So what is the issue with the ability you may ask;
Due to the concept of the ability punting several times over the duration, it needed to not apply immunity. But that creats an issue in terms of how strongly it performs should it be chained and used by several zealots in a row. (A trend that is slowly begining to see the light) This is just a matter of time before keeps can become totally unpushable due to a group of zealots take turns to stand in the entry point and push entire warbands back.
This is clever use of gamemechanics and an ability working as intented, but this is also the reason I try to raise awareness of how this needs to be finetuned slightly.

- For smallscale: Stagger spec is probably still the go-to and not affected by any changed to Winds of Insanity
- Warband-play: A zealot, or several, using Winds of Insanity can create a "zoneing tool" that stops all aggression and you can possition your healers so they are stacked and protected from any melee engaging by routating Z-punts.
- Zerg gameplay: a zealot can alone stop a full M4 funnelbreak attempt by standing in the doorway as the attackers have M4s running and are trying to get inside a narrow entrypoint. Completly denying a push.

I don't want to see the ability turn useless, I like the concept of the ability. But there are a few "adjustments" I would propose:

- Winds of Insanity now grants immunity on the last tick, it is still a formidable zoning tool but only for the duration of a single zealot.
- Winds of Insanity can now be interrupted by Taunts and other sorts of crowdcontrol.
- The zealot can't cast normal abilities while the Self-blessing is ongoing.

No other healers have this powertool for peeling for himself or his team on the backline role, it is simply unmatched with no counterplay and no downside on a class that is already holding Morale selfpump to become main resser AND protecting the res-location stopping snowball effects should the team take casualties.

(I do have a Zealot myself and both playing with or against this ability I can safely say that the ability needs some slight adjustments) [in b4 Order bias complaints]
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