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Instant AoE morales

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Instant AoE morales

Post#1 » Sun Jan 19, 2020 1:08 am

Instant unmitigated damage have pretty much always been an issue on AoR and RoR. Before the changes from 9target aoe-cap to 24target aoe-cap the arguement for keeping instant morales in the game was to give some tools for "zerg-busting" But with Aoe-damaging abilities, and utility abilities + mitigation debuffs such as challenge being on a 24target cap, is instant AOE morales still "needed"?

From a largescale point of view the meta have become overly based around instant morales, either draining, pumping, dumping or kiting to achieve these morales. Characters go from being timeinvestments to get mainstats or customize the way you want to play your fantasy career into being a "morale-vessle" stacking high wounds potentially to survive an enemy morale bomb and do a counterdrop yourself.

For smallscale we saw how Dragongun and its mirror had too high value in both applying a drain and a pump, but it raises the question, was this just underlining the issue of how potent some of the morales are compared to others. While I do know the Dev-team have plans for a big massive morale overhaul for the future, I think we could do with a further round of experimenting for a week or two with removale of Instant AOE morales:

BW Ruin and Destruction (removed)
Knight No Escape (still has the CC component)
WH Reversal of Fortune (removed)
IB Axeslam. (make it aoe knockdown with no damage or singletarget burst)
WL Flying Axe (removed)
SW Instill Fear (remove aoe component keep it as (singletarget damage and aoe stagger)
WP Penance (remove morale damage keep CC effect)
Knight Solar Flare (drains 1800 morale on 24cap, remove morale damage)
Slayer Doomseeker (2400 singletarget damage and aoe knockdown effect)
BW Burning head 2400 singletarget, no aoe cleave, 600 morale drain aoe)
RP Rune of Skewering 2400 singletarget, aoe healdebuff 30feet

BO Defening Bellow (only 5sec aoe silence no morale damage or ST dmg)
Choppa Stomp Da Yard (2400 singletarget damage and aoe knockdown effect)
SH Lots Of Shootin' 2400 Singletarget, no aoe cleave, 600 morale drain aoe)
Mara Great Fang (removed)
Zealot Windblock (2400 singletarget aoe healdebuff 30feet)
DoK Universal Confusion (remove morale damage keep CC effect)
Sorc Shatter (removed)
Sorc Paralyzing Nightmares (morale damage removed CC effect stays)
WE Web of Shadows (removed)

All of the (removed) M2 offensive morales above leave thier respective careers with more utility based options on M2. And these classes will on paper do fine losing their instant AoE morale option.
And most of these classes already have a selfpump on their class, making the largescale
meta not evolve around bringing only M2-drop-classes, potentially opening up for new classes.

All damage over time morales such as Raze, Hail of Arrow etc. will stay the same as they are.
Yes they can be combined to morale-bombs, but since they are over-time it can be more easily outhealed providing some counterplay and will leave some sort of tool available for defensive M4 pushes with an offensive answere.

The goal here is to make classes have a stronger identity based of their abilities, tactics and utility on morales, instead of being picked purely for offensive morales.
In terms of realm-balance this will still leave Destruction with an upperhand on selfpumping tanks to reach utility mitigation faster, and aoe crowdcontrole. Where as Order will have the raw ability damage/healing to battle the utility/mitigation.
This proposal is directed at ONLY AOE instant damage morales, and will keep singletarget offensive morales out of the picture for now. As some morale burst might be needed for 6v6 smallscale.
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