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[Marauder] *Proposal* Thunderous Blow and Mutated Aggressor change

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[Marauder] *Proposal* Thunderous Blow and Mutated Aggressor change

Post#1 » Thu Jan 23, 2020 4:13 pm

Hello, I'd like to propose two changes for Mara. Keep in mind that I'm talking about group play, not orvr where he's a drainmonster (Crushing Blows should get reworked, but that's another issue):

1 - Give Thunderous Blow the original 160 wounds debuff value at max points in savagery. Mara is supposed to be a debuffer dps class, well it just turns out that currently the max wounds debuff is 100. It's an ability sitting at 13 points in the tree, BG and Chosen can debuff wounds up to 120 (BG with a tactic and Chosen with enough points in discord tree), so what's the point of having a Mara in the group if others can do a better job than him? You'll say the undefendable armor debuff, but when you have tanks that can spam theirs and just replace you with another dps who's able to deal more damage than you, there's no reason anymore to have a Mara in the group.

2 - Reduce the cooldown of Mutated Aggressor to 30 secs. People say not to compare Mara to WL, WL is a burst class and Mara deals constant damage. Indeed, but in truth, Mara's abilities do low base damage in comparison to other classes. The only time you can notice his "constant damage" it's when you have Mutated Aggressor on. SW has the same skill as core ability, it costs 5 less AP and has 30 secs cd. Mara has to spec for it and it has 1 min cd, which means that for 50 secs you're not putting out pressure.

Thank you for your attention.

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Re: [Marauder] *Proposal* Thunderous Blow and Mutated Aggressor change

Post#2 » Mon Feb 24, 2020 4:40 pm

I'm not opposed to either of these changes. Especially the latter one, it sounds like mara could use that. Especially with order mDPS having such strong burst on ~20s cooldowns. I'll bring these up internally and discuss them.

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