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We need to change how Ruin and Destruction works.

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We need to change how Ruin and Destruction works.

Post#1 » Fri Feb 14, 2020 7:37 pm

First of all, this wonderful moral can hit 24ppl reaching the value of 28.800 dmg in 1 second. Its a very strong moral, also dmg can be stacked whit others BWs M2.. killing intire wbs in a blink of a eye.

i have some ideas for this Moral:

-increase CD to 3 min

-decrease the dmg if the Moral is being used too many times in same spot... like 100%(1200) / 60%(720) / 30%(216).

-buff the dmg to 2400 and put a immunity to enemy to prevent abuse of Moral.

-Change the Moral to a cone los


Or, giv Choppas a buffed Tantrum whit 1200 true dmg on each target ( 8 in total )
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