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[AM] Vaul Aegis (new skill proposal)

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[AM] Vaul Aegis (new skill proposal)

Post#1 » Thu Feb 27, 2020 11:39 am

Since AM is somehow missing group buff/heal, and one spell in right mastery (if we look at his Shaman counterpart wich got a Intelligence stealing skill), I thought about a group temporary buff that can fit well in the heal/dps achetype of the class.

Let's call this skill "Vaul Aegis" :
Path of Vaul
Enchantment - Instant cast - 30 AP - 20s cooldown - 100ft range
Effect : For the next 10 seconds, each time they are hit by magical damage your groupmates have a 25% chance to deal [150 + (0.1*Int) + (8*Vaul mastery level)] spirit damage back to the attacker, and are healed for 150% of the damage dealt back.

Do not build force or tranquility or benefit from High Magic stacks (like prismatic shield, rain lord, etc.), only from Vaul mastery level.

I think It may well compliment the Vaul tree (wich miss some group lifetap) with a limited scope for healing (it will not benefit from willpower, but a bit from Intelligence), and since the spell is only working against magical damage, it's mainly a defense against ranged attacks (only melee from WE and Chosen with tactic will be affected, and magic procs from sorcerer group buffs).
The Spirit damage dealt back is meant to be class-coherent, and synergize a bit with KotBS aura, Storm of Chronos, and Swordmaster melee spirit debuff when reaching caster backlines.

The scope is to give AM class a bit more group utility with a both defensive and offensive buff that can be used as a "panic button" to help healing under magic pressure, without being too powerful in both healing and damaging components and avoid overlapping similar buffs from other classes (Flame shield, Prayer of Righteousness for instance).
Plus the buff will be temporary, with a 50% uptime and a 25% proc it should not overperform in any case, even with heavy magic AoE pressure ; damage is split over all attackers, and it will mostly never overheal damage.

The damaging component should be balanced to heal between 100-150hp (guarded target with 40% spirit mitigation should take around 70-100 damage) and 300-400hp (debuffed unguarded target with 20% spirit mitigation, taking around 200-250 damage).

The skill may not work well in PvE since most damage looks like physical except some mobs (Crypts and Tunnel mostly ?), but I'm unsure about damage type here.
Anyway AM is still competent when it comes to PvE instances so it won't matter much.

EDIT : The skill will also give slightly more use for arcing power tactic (currently pretty much useless in Vaul tree), if counting for hits > +25% of backdamage returned as heal for your defensive target.

Thanks for your reviews and/or attention to those ideas ! ;)


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