[Marauder] Few small changes

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[Marauder] Few small changes

Post#1 » Sun Mar 22, 2020 12:41 pm

I would like to share my view on what could be improved with marauder's abilities before some weird gamers that happen to play their high rank marauders (who were always getting roflstomped by the keyboard turning slayer on video whenever they were wandering around without their 'elite' little premades) start spamming with proposals with large overhauls to this class' abilities, which, lets be honest, nobody will bother implementing (I wouldn't if I had LV, cities, possible TOVL in development).

1. A lot of players keep pointing out that tooltip damage is too low, therefore it could be worth experimenting with a 10-15% increase of marauder's single target tooltip damage on all of the single target damaging abilities.

2. Heal debuff ability could get a rework into a standart melee heal debuff: 50%, 10 sec duration, 10 sec cooldown without the requirement of any tactics. And would be placed where Thunderous Blow currently is so that the monstrosity memers could not reach it so easily (13 point ability same as WL). The tactic "Deadly Clutch" would then only cut the cooldown on the ability and give the leech effect.

3. Thunderous Blow should get unnerfed now because average HP pools have increased by 2-3k since the times of conqueror sets and quest jewelry.

4. Mutated Aggressor - cooldown could be reduced to 30 seconds like Shadow Warriors have it (having played a well geared 70+ aSW here I can tell that even on SW 30sec feels too long, let alone 60sec for an equivalent damage booster).

I know that 3rd and 4th suggestions were already mentioned by Vrede, but that has actually motivated me to post something in here since I felt that I am not the only one bothered by something that is so obviously needing to be addressed.

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