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[Magus] Warpfire Proposal

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[Magus] Warpfire Proposal

Post#1 » Mon Mar 30, 2020 4:24 pm

The issue:
Warpfire, despite being an ability that Magus only gets at Rank 40, is never used by Daemonology Magi because spamming Daemonic Lash is better.
There are three reasons for that:
- Firstly, unlike Daemonic Lash, Warpfire is a static casting ability, which is not a good thing for a melee Magus, since in melee you have to move quite a lot.
- Secondly, DL is doing Spiritual damage, which can be AoE debuffed by Glean Magic, while Warpfire inflicts Elemental damage, only debuffed ST by the Pink Horror daemon in the Magus toolkit. The issue here being that no Daemonology Magus will use the Pink Horror in the middle of the melee, only the Blue one.
- Last, Warpfire does pretty low damage in comparison to DL or even Agonizing Torrent, the other pbAoE ability of the Magus.

The change proposed:
- Make Warpfire castable on the move.
- Buff its damage to at least reach the same number as DL.

I don't think its damage type needs to be changed to Spiritual, since a Shaman can already AoE debuff Elemental resistance both with Scuse Me! and Sticky Feetz.
Also, because Warpfire isn't the only ability on the Daemonology tree that inflicts Elemental damage, why should this one be changed and not Infernal Blast? I think it is better to keep the potential synergy with Shaman.


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