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Post#1 » Wed May 20, 2020 2:06 pm


In 6v6 solo/group play WL pet is too much of a liability because it is removed from a fight all the time with 15 s cooldown needing 55 AP (huge) to recall.
Every WL player should slot REVENGE! tactic to compensate. Tactic granting 50% dmg buff to all dmg source lasting for 10 s.

Issue: After the 10 s WL can not keep up its burst nor sustaine dmg. There is a window of 5+ s of no pressure at all.

Balance proposal:
1. Increase REVENGE! tactic duration from 10 s to max 15 s.
2. Add additional effect to REVENGE! tactic.
Example 1: all skills AP cost is reduced by 20% within the 10 s of REVENGE! tactic duration.
Example 2: after effect ends next Call War Lion will cost to min 0 AP.

Proposed changes will not change 1v1+ fights.
Proposed changes may slightly affect WB+ fights.
Proposed change will improve 6v6 and a huge pet problem for a WL players.

The pet with all its bennefits in 1v1+ smallscale is and should stay a liability in a 6v6+ environement but you cannot simply recast WL pet like other pet classes in the game Magus/Engenier/SH.
WL pet is one and only and it is keepin you up with the real MDPS because the 50% crit tactic PACK SYNERGY is directly bound to it.

Discuss pls.


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