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WP Sigmars Wrath

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WP Sigmars Wrath

Post#1 » Sun Jul 05, 2020 5:28 pm

Ever thought of trying to add strithrough to this CD it would help allot especially trying to get guilty soul on people with smite, and DA for survivability. Would help our dps/Survivability against Parry/Block stacking Mdps/Tanks be more competitive aswell, and in imo its just 20 sec out of 1min to give us a window against 100% parry Mdps CDs and parry stacking tanks.

Remember not asking for Undefendable just parry/block Strikethrough % increase for the duration of the buff.

Another idea i came up with lately running in rvr wb trying to smite large numbers there are so many defenses to get through could it be possible to try and add parry/block strickthrough on guilty soul tactic instead of the wrath damage stack x4, and then adding the 20-25% wrath damage increase onto sigmars wrath. that way getting guilty soul off isn't such a a freakin pain and the tactic becomes far more useful, would also go along way to help against single targets with high defense.

All this would also remove the need to add strength to the WP tactics adding way to much tactic bloat.


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