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Proposal : GTDC replacement

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Proposal : GTDC replacement

Post#1 » Tue Oct 06, 2020 10:39 am

Hello there,

As suggested on the initial topic I'm opening a topic here to suggest a replacement skill for Git To Da Choppa

Eveyrone knows that this ability is right now subject to argue between Order or Destruction players.

The idea behind this concept and this new skill, beside getting rid of complains, is to raise Choppas more closer to Slayers and also allow Destruction tanks to be able to do their job without seeing endless immunity on targets.

Deff Bringa would be placed at the 13th slot of the Path of Da' Wrecka mastery ability tree and fully replace Git To Da Choppa.
On the other hand, as it's designed as a curse, it could easilly be removed by Runepriest.

This way :
  • Choppas will have a usefull ability and not just be a Chop Fasta buff
  • no more immunities on Destruction Tanks' targets
  • no more random grap Order players are complaining about
  • magus pull will be usefull again and the class more welcome in warbands/cities

Thanks a lot for reading and your comprehension.

PS : all the credits and thanks to da Kaptin, Grufrip for this concept. ;)

EDIT 17/10/2020 : A poll has also been created with two other options so the Choppa community can choose from : right here.
My Choppa proposals : Better Rage and GTDC replacement


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