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[MAR] Brutality tree

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[MAR] Brutality tree

Post#1 » Wed Oct 14, 2020 4:50 pm

Here is my proposition to improve the brutality tree.

Gift of brutality : 25% chance on hit to improve autoattack haste by 25% and auto attack damage by 25% for 5 s

Unstable convulsions now has 100% chance to remove one blessing or enchantment from your target and to deal 156 damage (value with zero point in tree) for each blessing or enchantment removed

Mouth of tzeentch : now work with gift of brutality.

Convulsive slashing : increase the damage of the skill by 25%.

Touch of instability damage type change to physical.

Touch of rot damage type change to physical

Piercing bite armor ignore work on auto attack.


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