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[Choppa] Hitta tree (a whole bunch)

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[Choppa] Hitta tree (a whole bunch)

Post#1 » Wed Oct 21, 2020 11:36 pm

The choppa middle tree (Hitta) is lagging behind in both damage and utility for the choppa and what they brings to a group of any size. Bringing Hitta up to par with the others would be tough, as you would have to balance both abilities and tactics (or even class mechanic). Instead, here are some suggestions that may help alleviate some of the Hitta problems.

Long Lasta tactic - Issue: no one uses this. Resolution: extend to 8 seconds. An exhausting blow that is defended still empties your rage, removing most of your choices for abilities and greatly reducing your damage. Additionally, at 6s, 5 of those will be spent 'in the green', and assuming you are spamming some ability every CD, when you consider the ICD of abilities then from 5-6s you may miss your opportunity to get a good hit off with this.

Bleed Em Out ability - Issue: inital two tics are worthless, and later tics are often cleansed. Resolution: shorten this from 10s to 8s and incorporate what was the first tick into a direct damage component. This allows for better chance to dismount opponents as well, and makes it more threatening by doing away with that silly first tick. I'm tempted to ask for 1st and 2nd tick to be incorporated into the dd component, but lets start here and see how it goes.

Pent Up Rage tactic - Issue: Getting into a threatening Berserk level takes a long time, where most fights are either over in a KD, or longer fights you have to dump your rage to do anything special (talking non duel wielding here). Resolution: Add a component "Additionally, while this tactic is slotted, you will gain rage at an increased pace as you anticipate the coming battle", shortening the time to reach each stage by 1 second (so furious takes 4 seconds instead of 5, and berserk takes 13 seconds instead of 15.

Tired Alread? ability - Issue: the base damage is too low for a 9pt ability. Resolution: increase base damage. Why does the savage 5pt ability 'Keep On Choppin' do more damage than a 9pt ability?

Strong Finish tactic - Issue: No other class has the attached penalty with their +15% crit tactics. Resolution: remove the ", but if you are dual wielding, decreases your ability to defend critical hits by 10%". The only Hitta tree abilities that don't have the 2h weapon requirement are Slasha, the trained Bleed Em Out, and Sit Down!. Going 11 points into a tree as duel wield to get +15% crit for two abilities and a trained one makes no sense, and neither does having the caveat at the end of this tactic.

No More Helpin' ability - Issue: The outgoing heal debuff doesn't seem to warrant a 13pt ability (that also dumps your rage). Resolution: Add component "If the target is suffering from an ailment, it instead does 450 damage". Many other classes have abilities with conditional bonuses. The ailment could be a Curse like choppa can apply, or enchantment, but ailment seems nice as it encourages working with others. This ability alone stands out as the hallmark of the Hitta tree, THE big thing you are going for and are know for. Lets make it act like one.

Yer Going Down M4 - the discrepancy with this was recently addressed, no suggestions here.

Thank you for your consideration, and my apologies for clumping up a whole tree into one suggestion post.
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