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A more guild-centric queue system

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A more guild-centric queue system

Post#1 » Fri Nov 13, 2020 2:41 pm

Hello everyone!
I often join city-siege queue in a full guild warband and I find it really unfun when a less organized group fights versus us and, as opposite, very entertaining when we get to fight versus an organized group.

What I would like to have is a different queue system:

Every guild should have an mmr for city siege events. When you queue for city-siege the system should check if your warband is full guild and put you in a different bracket.
PUG bracket would work as usual, 1x rewards following the current system.
Guild bracket should give reward scaling with the mmr of the istance (An average between the MMR of the two warbands) but starting at 1.5x rewards by default in order to incentivize organized play. (at 1300 mmr 1.5x, at 1500 mm 1.8x and so on)
If the guild warbands population is uneven the lower mrr between them goes to the PUG bracket and follows the bracket rules.

-push organized play with higher reward, possibility to track your guild skill level, possibility to improve playing versus others organized guilds. In general would reward guilds and organized play pushing up the quality of play (in rvr nights too)
-remove part of the REALLY uneven instances starting at the moment when a not even 2/2/2 fight a full organized group.
-give guilds a brag system to add to the recruit message :P

-Only 15 min queue timer. You should have a fixed amout of time to queue your group, then, when timer end every queue pop.
-Organized pugs will have an easier life against unorganized but this is already "live" on the server(still with only 1x rewards, tho).
-If a guild doesn't want to participate in this they can run 23+1 and go stomp unorganized or roll the dice. (but this, again, is already regularly happening)
- They system may have a toll on smaller guilds pushing for larger guilds overall..Dunno if that's a con, tho.

I would keep joining the queue as a full guild warband, I would want to fight against other guilds both for the 100% of finding an organized group and because it’s fun. Would be easier to improve and have fun.

Thanks for your attention and time,
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