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Blind AoE Limitation

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Blind AoE Limitation

Post#1 » Sat Nov 14, 2020 12:38 pm

Issue :

Blind AoE effect is too much despite of easy access.
Blind AoE means AoE you don't need target to fire.
I included channeling and ground AoE in this category.

IMO it's one of reason that stealthers and pet classes can't function well in city and fort. the end contents.
can't operate them without being hit by blind AoE.
pressure is huge in 24vs24
as soon as number of blind AoE reduced around 12~15, they get room to operate.

Analysis :

it overshadows ST and casting AoE in cost/reward perspective.
too high reward for effortless, mindless spam.
also it forces player choice into AoE.
whoever don't like AoE are gimping themselves.

it's unbalance when you hit 1~24 targets 100~1000 dmg with 1 button, while other skills require targeting and hitting only 1.
ST have additional debuffs, but comparing sum of dmg is beyond compare.
city and fort are example what these blind dmg do.
everybody AoE, no room for certain classes.

let target requiring casting AoE maintain zerg bursting job. like artillery.
long range artillery concept is perfect for anti-zerg
they hit relatively slow. 1~24 targets x 500~1000 dmg is acceptable.

List of no target Blind AoE :

bw - Annihilate, Rain of Fire, Flame Breath
sorc - Disastrous Cascade, Pit of Shades, Infernal Wave, Ice Spikes
engie - Blunderbuss Blast, Static Discharge, Friction Burn, Phosphorous Shells, Strafing Run, Land Mine, Lightning Rod
magus - Daemonic Lash, Warpfire, Infernal Blast, Tzeentch's Firestorm, Daemonic Infestation, Agonizing Torrent
WL - Slashing Blade, Whirling Axe, Echoing Roar
mara - Demolition, Concussive Jolt, Wrecking Ball, Mouth of Tzeentch
slayer - Shatter Limbs, Onslaught, Wild Swing, Retribution
choppa - GTDC, Yer All Bleedin Now, Wild Choppin, Bring It On
slayer - Flurry, choppa - Lotsa Chopping. 24 cap tactic to 9. or put CD on it, or increase AP cost to stop spam.
SW - Lileath's Arrow, Barrage
SH - Shoot Thru Ya, Big Bouncin, Really Bad Gas, Indigestion
WE / WH - let them have 1 AoE 24 cap, Dragon Gun and On Your Knee

tanks/heals remain 24 cap. except
WP / DoK - Smite and Essence Lash. these are 1 button full mechanic at funnel. have to be gone.

Suggestion 1 :
put 6~9 target cap on Blind AoE.
give blind aoe other role. short range AoE, countering each other.
give room for stealthers and pets bypassing hotspots.

Suggestion 2 :
put target requirement to above skills.

Suggestion 3 :
initial cap is 9. AoE mastery increases cap. 9+15=24
at least it'll limit blind aoe of non-aoe speced dps.

P.S. :
you may point that 9 cap would make more blob cuz you have chance to not be targetted
but those blobs are good target for artillery AoE.
zerg bursting 24 cap gave fighting chance to underdog.
this suggestion won't change that.
it'll give more variety in formation other than blob bomb.
more gap between front and back lines. and flanks.
SM8, SW8, AM8, WL5, KoBS5, BW5, WP8, WH7, IB5, EG5, RP4, SL5
BG7, Sorc6, DoK7, WE7, Cs7, Mg7, Ze6, Mara6, BO4, SH4, Shm5, Chop4
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