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[Witch Elf] Allow OYK to apply Kisses to multiple targets

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[Witch Elf] Allow OYK to apply Kisses to multiple targets

Post#1 » Sat Nov 14, 2020 2:05 pm


Coming from WH you can Dragon Gun 24 players and apply your Bullet debuff to all of them and heal off the tactic Sanctified Bullets. This is not only really fun but strong as it allows the class to stay alive in big fights (24+) through a selfheal. It also allows the player to weave in and out of fights (10s cooldown Dragon Gun) since they have a big self heal that only works in large scale that can be paired with something like Shroud of Magus to build some accusations and go back out of the fight and heal as needed.
In organized play, city for instance, together with a SM which can reduce the CD of Dragon Gun to 5s, the WH can forfeit the self healing for 24 target wide -50% healing caused.
Besides organized play the self heal is great for players in pug warbands that do not always get the most heals and helps the otherwise squishy class to stay alive.

Now back to WE. Kisses are on a 1 second ICD - no matter how many targets the player hits. This causes OYK to apply kisses to one target maximum.
Allowing kisses to proc with rate as advertised "Anytime you damage an enemy there is a 25% chance..." would help out the class a bit in larger scale, being able to apply a kiss debuff on ~6 targets per OYK use if it hits 24 players and have some self heal if Kiss of Doom tactic is selected.
Potentially the procc rate would have to be changed as OYK hits two times which could give an unintended higher amount of targets hit with kisses compared to WH's Dragon Gun.


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