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[Chosen/Knight] Class Mechanic Proposal

Structured balance proposals should be posted here. Posts in this section will be taken into account during class balance reviews.

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[Chosen/Knight] Class Mechanic Proposal

Post#1 » Wed Nov 18, 2020 8:59 pm


Chosen/Knight outside of using 3 passive auras lack a defining class mechanic. While this is considered by some as a bit dull it is very noob friendly. I realize that even the smallest of change can lead to unintended issues. So, the change I would like to propose would:

1. Not take away from the classes as they function today
2. Introduce a choice oriented system which would make way for a more skill based gameplay without raising the skill cap too high
3. Fit perfectly into the thematic of Chosen (Champion of the Chaos Gods), and Knight (Strategist of War) as per lore


Introducing Call of Chaos (Chosen) / Book of War (Knight) active abilities.

What do they do? While the Chosen/Knight has 3 auras active, using the aforementioned ability will create an effect based on a combination of the auras that are active. In other words, a combination of auras will grant the player to use a unique active ability.

Now hold on. There are 9 auras for each class which results in the total number of combinations to be 84 (x2). That will not be possible to implement nor play.

So to simplify this we will first segregate all the auras in two categories: Offensive and Defensive (Many auras serve both these purposes but we will still categorize them into one based on their thematic). This will lead to 4 possible combinations (x2):

1. 3 Offensive Auras
2. 2 Offensive Auras, 1 Defensive Aura
3. 1 Offensive Aura, 2 Defensive Auras
4. 3 Defensive Auras
(Note: Ability will not work if there are less than 3 auras active)

Below is the image of how the auras can be categorized and what abilities can be granted:

The abilities proposed are simplistic but powerful and could easily be replaced with more exciting and balanced ones of course. Feel free to suggest changes. I apologize in advance if the ability names have been used before somewhere in game.

Please do share what you think.

Balance Thoughts

1. While the abilities granted are powerful in a group setting they have the ability to be severed/shattered, countered by a mirror ability
2. To use a different ability after the 30 second cool down: It might be very clunky to switch auras but would be a fair exchange to be without a passive buff for about 5 seconds.
3. To go from 3 Offensive to 3 Defensive or vice versa will be very difficult in combat as one would have to deactivate all 3 auras and activate 3 fresh ones. Hence restricting players in either an offensive role or defensive role (therefore can actually increase the power of these abilities) but still keeping the option open
4. In most situations Chosen/Knights will not have to change their auras if their group is static. Hence maintaining a noob friendly mechanic but to make the best use of it as the situation demands they might need to switch
5. Based on current segregation of auras (as per image) to use 3 Offensive Aura ability the player has to spec into one aura in the mastery trees because only 2 base auras will be offensive.
6. If the abilities feel pretty balanced, perhaps a rework of how auras can be deactivated and reactivated might be needed to make it easier and less clunky to have access to all the 4 possible active abilities


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