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Pounce/Leap changes feedback and proposal

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Pounce/Leap changes feedback and proposal

Post#1 » Sat Jan 09, 2021 11:48 am


There was huge feedback following nerfing range of pounce/leap to 45ft. Most of people agree, that change to 45ft makes ability very weak due to the fact that range is very short and is practicaly useless in fights and after pounce/leap you land when target was standing when you jumped, which makes (and made in the past, but greater range compensated that) ability even less useful for gap closing/initiating.

My proposal would be to revert range to 65ft, but making cooldown 15 sec and 5 sec with loner respectively. This will make ability again useful for what is was intended to, but make that quick gap closer is less spammable, making choice of pounce/leap be associated with more risk and choosing good target needing more consideration.

Also several arguments about why pounce needs to be 65ft and changing it made ability subpar and took away WLs class identity more than SHs.

1) As you could have noticed, it was mainly topics about WL pounce and not SHs leap, that's because pounce for WL is defining class ability along with pet. WLs ST spec is totally dependent on pounce for good positioning/attacking good targets, while SHs ST spec is ranged and does not need leap at all (this argument is only for showing why less topics about leap were made, I do not directly compare WL and rSH). as for AOE, mSH naturally has better survivability and better AOE utility skill (CD increaser for 40ft), while WL has 15ft interrupt and needs good positioning more than mSH.

2) Choppa's GTDC is 40ft around the target. Having AOE pull with almost the same range as pounce clearly shows why 45ft is so impactful for WL.

3) Pounce involves risk because you are going outside guard range and choosing of targets and positioning is very important.

4) One of the arguments for range nerf was that "it leaves no time for reaction", except it does, being aware of surroundings is one of the main skills in game for good play. for SH it could be true, because it can pounce+kd, but WLs kd is bound to pet, hence target can easily detaunt/use cc. Also, stealth almost all the time leaves no time for reaction, but it is natural to except that if enemy has WH/WE you need to be more careful, be closer to tanks and your team, the same should go for WL/SH, because their main job is to pressure kiter classes.

5) also one of the argument was that kiter classes were suffering and nerfing range would make them more viable. But I would argue that pounce/leap has to do nothing with WLs or SHs pouncing, it is mainly caused by the advantage of melee-ball in city and oRVR situations.


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