[SW] Balance Suggestion series - Sweeping Slash

Structured balance proposals should be posted here. Posts in this section will be taken into account during class balance reviews.

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[SW] Balance Suggestion series - Sweeping Slash

Post#1 » Wed Jan 13, 2021 12:20 am

The following is part of a series of proposals for SW changes. Here is a balance change with the intent to fix the various inner problems of the SW. The initial strategy/approach/context are described at the beginning of this post: viewtopic.php?f=15&t=39743

This post focuses on "Sweeping Slash"

Core issues:
Sweeping Slash. Is simply useless as it is designed:
- AoE Low damage and relatively long cooldown (20s).

Considering the Assault tree does not need AoE skill as it is the purpose of the Skirmish Tree. However, a utility/CC component would fit perfectly instead of "just" doing damage.

Rework proposal:
- Proposal 1: The skill is a good candidate for a short-range block. Think it like Yasuo's Wind Wall in League of Legend. The skill would be not doing damage but would 100% block ranged attack (physical and magical) during 5s for the SW and allies behind the wind wall from 10 feet in front to 45 feet back in a cone.
- Proposal 2: Make it a cone long-range knockback like SH's "Let me out" (which is omnidirectional).
- Proposal 3: Make it into melee Snare in a cone of 30 feet

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