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[SW] Balance Suggestion series - Stance Changes

Structured balance proposals should be posted here. Posts in this section will be taken into account during class balance reviews.

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[SW] Balance Suggestion series - Stance Changes

Post#1 » Wed Jan 13, 2021 1:02 am

[SW] Balance Suggestion series - Stance Changes

The following is part of a series of proposals for SW changes. Here is a balance change with the intent to fix the various inner problems of the SW. The initial strategy/approach/context are described at the beginning of this post: viewtopic.php?f=15&t=39743

This post focuses on "Stance Dancing" and "Guerilla Training" tactic

Core issues:
The stance mechanism is a fun mechanism. However, while it buffs the SW when adopting a stance, the stance itself is penalizing in terms of gameplay, as it restricts or disables certain abilities. The fundamental problem is:
- the SW player is often staying in the same stance, generally, the one linked to the main Tree Spec
- Assault is still the "Oh-sh*t" stance (unless the spec is Assault)
- Stance Dancing is neither rewarding nor interesting.
- The "Tactical" aspect is somehow lost in translation. Currently, Engineers, Magus, and SH ofter a better experience in term of "choose your best tactical tool/advantage"

However, the redesign of the SW occurred last year, which made something interesting with the tactic "Guerilla Training". The buff was necessary, but the way it has been addressed balance-wise, is to be improved for the following two reasons:
- Put this tactic in the Scout tree, which is the most static of all, is not exploited to the fullest for other tree specs, which forces you to invest in Scout.
- It is a survival tactic that brings few for an event that occurs in the stance changes only, which does not occur often compared to the frequency of skill usage.

The proposal here is to make a stance changing rewarding with the following proposal.

Rework proposal:
- Switch to Scout: the cast time is reduced by 30% for the next 5s
- Switch to Assault: Your chance to be critically hit is reduced by 20% for the next 5s
- Switch to Skirmish: your run speed is increased by 15% for 5s
- "Guerilla Training" move to a Core Tactic (and replaced by another): extends the buff stance duration to 7s, decrease AP cost by 25s during this time, Scout buff is 40%, Assault: chances to be critically hit is 30%, Skirmish: speed increased to 25%

Regards, Swizz
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