WH Group/WB Role Proposal.

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WH Group/WB Role Proposal.

Post#1 » Wed Jan 13, 2021 5:28 pm

This is a different approach to giving Witch Hunter a viable role in the group/wb setting. The aoe on the WH is really minimal so most are looked over especially for cities.

Instead of giving more aoe to the class I propose we give some group utility to the WH. With some work some of this could also be mirrored to the WE if balance is needed.

Group utility being in the form of our relics. Each tree has one relic that provides a buff for 7 seconds to the WH alone. 2 of the trees have lack luster 3 point tactics imo.

Proposal: Change all 3 point tactics in each tree to make that trees relic apply its buff to all group members. This also reduces the cool down on the relic to 30 seconds.

Shroud of Magnus would give all group members 100% disrupt for 7 seconds, Seal of destruction would give all group members 50% armor ignore for 7 seconds, and Sanctified Oil since it has no use to give non stealthers stealth have it give 2 seconds of no collision and 7 seconds of 50% run speed to the group.

Second part of the group utility is to make the Inquisition path more viable.

Proposal: Move 7 point tacitc Prolonged Confession to be core and mirror WE tactic whirling blades to be 50% as well. Move 11 point tactic Protection of Heresy down to the 7 point slot. New 11 point tactic that will make Exit Wound stat steal in 30 foot aoe toughness, str, ballistics, intell, willpower, and ws and buff your group for 10 seconds with toughness, str, ballistics, intell, willpower, and weapon skill.
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