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[Ironbreaker] Furious Reprisal Rework

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[Ironbreaker] Furious Reprisal Rework

Post#1 » Thu Jan 21, 2021 9:59 am

The tactic "Furious Reprisal" is actually underperforming. This tactica apply a 5s CD increaser for 5s to a 3s KD. This means that unless you waste your KD on an immune target, then this tactic gives 5s CD increaser for 2s, which is kind of a waste for a tactic slot. Also, a ST CD increaser on shield-only skill is quite counterintuitive, since its utility is in smallscale where tanks usually go for 2h weapons.

What I propose is to change the tactic so that it apply to Shield Sweep instead than Shield Of Reprisal. Obviously this change would be overkill (5s CD increaser on a 10s CD skill), so the new tactic should also increase Shield Sweep CD by 5s. The result will be an ability that hit up to 5 target, give 10 grudges for each hit and increase CD by 5s for 5s to up to 5 ppl. This with 15s CD.

This would address many problem (beside making a tactic more valuable):
1) it will consolidate the role of IB in large scale environment
2) it will address the problem of Destru having 2 CD decreaser. In this way Distru will have 2 CD decreaser, while Order would have 2 AoE CD increaser. Seems fair to me.
3)it will make SnB IB more viable in smallscale. Atm, there is no reason to bring a SnB IB in any smallscale environment since beside HTL a shield bring nothing to the group. But with this change shield would have a new purpose even in SC/roaming
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