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[SM] WW balance

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[SM] WW balance

Post#1 » Thu May 27, 2021 12:24 pm

before patch
there were price and drawback for this top tier buff.
because it required melee target
timing was little tricky.
4sec silence/ST interrupt was bonus though It was choice of holding back ww or ww asap which had high chance of giving free immune.
often it's latter.
BO version required tactic slot.

after patch,
there's no restrictions.
not having downside itself is a huge buff.
additionally interrupt became aoe.

I guess it's replacement for 4sec silence.
It was strong cc, some might say aoe interrupt is even stronger. no free immune.

after buff that removing downside, do they need cc replacement ( or cc buff ) ?

I would say they need downside, not additional buff.

so here's suggestions.

1. Remove aoe interrupt from ww
2. ww stay as no target CDR. move aoe interrupt to tactic.
3. ww is aoe interrupt. move no target CDR to tactic.
4. remove aoe interrupt. add more dmg.

again, on demand CDR without free immune is huge.
aoe interrupt is huge.
no one should have both in 1 skill.
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