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[Fastest framerate animations]

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[Fastest framerate animations]

Post#1 » Sat Jun 12, 2021 1:47 am


For some content on RoR it is close to a must to play with Fastest framerate on. Basicly turning all effects off. However there are still a couple of animations you still see. And I would like to make a case of changing this list for a better gameplay experience.

Right now the animations i can think of that are still shown during Fastest framerate are:
Tank M4 IM. This animation is absolutely huge and should probably be removed as a standard animation with no effects on.
BW Annihilate. Alot of fire erupting around the model. The fire shouldnt be needed to see the BW channeling as the body-model is pretty obvious id say.

The abilities I however do think needs to be added to the animations you can still see with No effects on is,
Shaman: Sticky feets
Archmage: Mistress of the March.

In largescale fights things are more chaotic and scaled up in terms of importance. Movement and manuverbility is king here. And being able to see the snare puddles on the ground will serve a much better gameplay experience over the abilities we have already.

Yes i know disable GFX option is ingame. But what the game really needs, is being able to see slow puddles on the ground when effects are turned off.
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