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[BO] Ya Missed me Change

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[BO] Ya Missed me Change

Post#1 » Sun Oct 31, 2021 10:39 pm

Ya missed me is a great ability in the SnB BO kit but the shield requirement takes it out of the 2h BO toolkit and I think the 2h BO would gain a lot from being able to use this in order to have some way to peel for the team outside of KD/silence and the traditional tank tools in bellow/challenge/taunt.

YMM only affects physicals dmg and requires a block but the lengthy duration does make it a fantastic tool against physical DPS. Black orcs don't have a punt to remove a scary target or a -% chance to crit to mitigate dmg like the CHO/BG, however the BO can spec for an AP drain.

The lack of the button doesn't make the 2h BO weak in organized play but it would give it a reliable tool to peel physical dps.

I don't think the defense requirement is a problem at all and am not trying to get a mirror for dragon rend; if anything the lengthy duration and unavoidable nature of YMM makes it better imo.


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