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Re: [KOTBS] Laurels of Victory Proposal

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Re: [KOTBS] Laurels of Victory Proposal

Post#1 » Thu Nov 04, 2021 12:51 pm


I've been wanting to write here since the last dev Q&A but haven't gotten around to it.

Getting to the point, in the last Q&A it was announced that tactics that need to be specced into will be checked for viability and I would like to nominate the Vigilance mastery tree tactic: Laurels of Victory.


Since live, this tactic has always been a bit wierd since it modified Vigilance, an ability that you get only if you go higher up the same Mastery tree.

It's functionality has never changed, i.e. removing the damage done penalty of 25% during Vigilance.

The Problem:

It became redundant when Vigilance could only be used while equipped with a shield. Why? Because as a shield tank class, it becomes counterintuitive to utilise a precious tactic slot to remove self damage done penalty, while the focus should be on defense or support tactics. This becomes even more profound especially when knights have one of the lowest direct damage output across all other tanks.

Hence, it is not worth speccing into as a shield tank.

The Proposal:

Option 1: Laurels of Victory will allow Vigilance to be used with a two handed weapon but not remove the damage done penalty.

Option 2: Laurels of Victory will allow Vigilance to be used with a two handed weapon and remove the damage done penalty but the damage reduction of Vigilance will be reduced to 25% (down from 50%)

Option 3: Laurels of victory, along with the damage done penalty removal, will now cause all movement impairing effects to last 50% of their duration during Vigilance (still requires shield)


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