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[SH]Sneaky Bouncin'

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[SH]Sneaky Bouncin'

Post#1 » Sun Nov 21, 2021 12:02 am

Class: Squig Herder
What: Sneaky Bouncin'
Where: Path of Bouncin' 7-point mastery tactic

Current: Your damage is increased by 15% when under 45 feet away from your target.

Recommended: Your damage is increased by 15% when in Squig Armor.

Reasoning: The melee SH spec has been slowly switched to have an almost exclusive AoE role. mSH now has 4 aoes, 1 with no global cooldown. As such mSH is can be often found in a frontline aoe role as mara or choppa. Dropping the target and range requirement would:
1. synergise with the current class design; makes it more fun, does no balance change since a good mSH already does this but it does not make for fun gameplay when you are a 360 aoe spec.
2. drop client/server load since only check necesary would be "is SA active" instead of "is target && is target.range < 45" (well, you get the idea).
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