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Engie/Magus Mobility

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Engie/Magus Mobility

Post#1 » Wed Jul 13, 2022 12:25 am

building time for 8 stacks - 15sec are too long, even for turret classes.
because battle don't last for 15sec at one place.

65ft mid range is 5sec of straight walking, approximately.
13ft per 1sec.
let's say most sc/orvr starts from 100~150ft.
that's 8~12sec of moving. less on mount.

for 8~12sec, battle line can be moved toward you or out of your sight. or simply end.
it's beyond 'hard to manage' scope.
they can't keep up the flow of battles.
so they sit on weird places and wait. or wait siege.

half build up time - it's same as live.
max 4 stacks with all bonuses remain same.
each stack gives twice bonuses than current version.
( it seems range bonuses are stopped at 5 stacks. if 188ft snipe became too much in 4 stacks slightly tone down range bonus? )
so it's back to live version but with RoR bonuses : range, dot interval, disrupt/dodge

expected result
maintain turret class feature.
they can follow battles with better chance of high stacks.
balanced between mobility and stationary. up to players management skill.
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