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[WH Tweek] Adjust to cut their insane god mode

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[WH Tweek] Adjust to cut their insane god mode

Post#1 » Sat Jul 30, 2022 2:57 pm

Despite the insane tweeks WH got over the years because they QQ as "it was impossible to solo stuff", it became to a point the class became godly overpowered because now they move as WH groups and are insanely effective to shutdown a spot they wanna gank (not counting ppl that are still using other stuff).

There really need some tweak down to make it risky/reward back again, because the actual moment... WHs its a pure win/win chance.

On past we could understand that a WH should appear and do high burst damage and try to vanish to survive (glass cannon - real WH purpose build),
but with all this tweeks done over the years... they still doing insane burst damage even with builds that shouldn't be that glass cannon.

1st class General Tweek - Blessed bullets of Purity (aiming the defensive build, if their dmg wont tweak down).
Since it can be paired with "sanctified bullets" tactic and got no cooldown, its insanely overpowered atm.
Either reduce the healing for 75% on sanctified bullets OR give a 5s cooldown on "blessed bullets of purity".
The concept is either do high burst (glass cannon build) or survive (defensive build)... the current defensive build is giving both benefits.

2nd class General Tweek - Sanctified Oil (aiming both builds, its 2 OP for the class)
This skill really broke the risky/reward for the class. It makes no sense having 50% speed.
It should be tweeked for 30% speed at max. With current 50% speed they can easily get past 150ft away on disengage.
With current game state this "smoke thing" just killed the gobbos racial tactic, because WH over run em like Usain Bolt now, plus the forever slow they can place on the target.

3rd class General Tweek - Revert invisible to normal state to WH/WE, where u couldn't stay forever invisible. Either revert or adjust the AP usage
by at least 10AP/sec while invisible. (aiming both builds, its ridiculous this perma stealth state) plus the stealth not breaking from any dmg anymore.

4th class General Tweek - Burn Armor.
This tactic should be really close gap 5ft and not to hit alot of targets, the way it is implement is overpowered.

1st Pistol build tweek - Adjust dragongun range to 15ft range. (aimed to Pistol air usage)
Thats really insane OP KD range, making every punt useless because WHs can just use dragon gun at air and
just reassure instantly the pressure on target. This class already has 2 KDs, theres no reason giving a 30ft range
that truelly negates all punts done at the WH.
If dont want to tweek down the range, give a 1.5s cast so it wont be abused to cast on air.

2nd Pistol build tweek - Adjust Absolution (no change to cooldown)
Revamp the skill to force this execution works as intended (finisher), the higher accusation spent = higher dmg reward.
The current state for WH its just spawm with 1 accusation, which it leads to way insane burst dmg timewise.

((Just a suggestion tweek, would require a WH to test it out to find the best dmg rate))
1 accusation: 157 dmg (50% dmg reduced)
2 accusations: 301 dmg (25% dmg reduced)
3 accusations: 490 dmg (no dmg reduced)
4 accusations: 635 dmg (10% dmg boost)
5 accusations: 796 dmg (20% dmg boost)

Lets suppose that we got 5 accusations to spent.
So spending 5x 1 accusation vs 1x 5 accusation use.
With current game state... almost 140% dmg reward to just spam absolution.
5x 1 accusation = 1570 dmg done while 1x 5 accusations = 663 dmg done

With tweek applied... no more this extra reward damage by spamming.
5x 1 accusation = 785 dmg done while 1x 5 accusations = 796 dmg done

OR if "no change to damage"... place a cooldown to this skill 2-3secs.


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