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The MSH: revamping

Structured balance proposals should be posted here. Posts in this section will be taken into account during class balance reviews.
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The MSH: revamping

Post#1 » Sun Dec 03, 2023 11:44 pm

This is an edit of the initial post with some adjustments

understand range classes are going to be looked at. If this is correct, I suggest the below.

In an earlier patch the MSH was redone and turned into an AOE creature. The scale and extent of those changes I believe were negative. I propose a reverting and adjusting of some of the changes to better give the MSH player options, rather than stuck into a single AOE play mode.

Current state:

-The MSH (like the ASW) requires a full commitment from the player to hope to be viable. This includes redoing the class renown as well as mastery points. The MSH player is locked into one style of play. The current play mode is as AOE. This means the standard MSH does not use their base mechanic: the pet.


-Restore the following:

-On further testing the ability Bounce should remain as is. MSH in AOE mode needs to apply consistent pressure. Bounce added with Big Bouncin accomplishes this. However, the MSH does need a knockdown. I suggest revamping the ability Cut Ya! into a 3 second knockdown requiring an active pet. Cut Ya! is not a used ability. Range can't use it given only works within 5ft, and MSH can't use it while in squig armor, so it is worthless. The ability name could be changed to something like, Squig Trip (or whatever). Adding back in a knockdown will help single target MSH play using their pets.

-The tactic Sharp Toofs should be restored to its prior state This means Sharp Toofs would again provide additional damage to Get Em for both the player and their pet (similar to the WL Coordinated Strike). The ability used to read "Get Em's damage is increased to 419 on your pets first attack and the cost reduced by 15 Action Points". The pet's first attack was also impacted. This restoration will allow MSH some spike damage and encourage MSH to play with their pet.

-Outta My Way ability should be restored to its pre-nerf speed buff. This will help MSH to catch fleeing targets, or be more viable in attempts to escape. At the very least this should mirror other melee charge that has a 50% speed buff (current MSH is only 25%) with a similar cooldown.

-The tactic "Da smell don't bother me" should have its heal value increased. Currently it is 120 hp every 5 seconds. The heal is too low and takes too long to proc to waste a tactic slot on. Perhaps 250 hp every 4 seconds?

-Squig Leap should be allowed to critically hit. In addition, Squig Leap should be restored when no pet is present there is no cool down (this should be thesame for WLs with no pet)

-MSH should again be able to summon the Horned Squig while moving. Doing thins currently kicks the MSH out of their squig armor that requires a 5 second cooldown before they can get back in (this may be a bug). Regardless, summoning a squig should not kick the MSH out of their armor.

-Sneaky Git[/b] tactic: This replaced Sneaky Stabbin. Previously, Sneaky Stabbin gave an armor bonus. This averaged 1000 to 1200 armor increase (separate and above from the armor increase from the horned squig) that lasted for 15 seconds on a 10 second cooldown. Therefore, it was intended to always be up when in a fight. This was not dependent on a pet. The new Sneaky Git states it increases defensive stats by 10%, but there is no armor increase. The previous armor increase needs to be added into the tactic or reverted to the prior armor increase effect.

[b]Pick on Yer own Size:
On live this tactic originally gave 30% melee critical chance while in squig armor after being hit for 5 seconds (I think it was 5 seconds, I can't remember). When the original devs did the larger range restructure this tactic was changed into its current form. There was pushback by the MSH player base after the change. The original Devs said they agreed and would swap the range redesign to another tactic (they said they only picked PIck on Yer own Size because they thought nobody used it) and restore Pick on Yer one Size to the original use. The was never reverted, likely because the Devs got caught up in all the other issues surrounding the game at that time. I suggest reintroducing a type of original old tactic (perhaps redoing the tactic Strength in Numbers). It could be a MSH rough mirror of SW's bullseye: after being hit, increase MSH melee critical change by 20% for 5 seconds with no cooldown).

Thank you for considering the above.


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