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choppa/slayer kill st+aoe build

For proposals that have been rejected.

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choppa/slayer kill st+aoe build

Post#1 » Sat Nov 17, 2018 7:33 pm

-with the revert of id changes this has became more important than even but both classes with id and GtdC keep get the easy way merging aoe stuff with st very good stuff, these kind of build should came with great cost or not be possible. The problems of aoe copp/slayer be able to take and use aoe stuff from aoe mastery and merge it with their st stuff is due a simple too low disposition of some good tools. This change aim to separate more and so make hard or force trade-in/out , inside build picking as indirectly give some love to 2h builds.


swap skill
swap both classes heal debuff with 13 pt mid mastery, this will results in a hard separation between heal debuff (st thing) and gtdc/id (aoe thing), this should enforce more the build diversity (aka mara heal debuff tactic is that high for a reason, considering choppa/slayer were later introduced post game relase is high probably the skill disposition is in fact wrong hence this proposal).

this will require to also remove/add great weapon requirement as you see fit, if i may suggest this aswell i would simply remove it from speelbreaker/no mor helpin for now and fix it later on after a periond of test.

the fact heal debuff was moved up due disposition error link also the fact that other skill have disposition error, an additional improvement would also be due separation and enforcing 2h build move down the classes self heal from 13 pt into 9 pt and move up to 13 pt spellbreaker and no mor helpin. This would be a swap at 3 but would fix that lack of durability 2h have make self heal more accessible and leave the decision of spend final point in mid or left mastery to 11 pt tactics relevance and general left mastery gameplay. As we all know that the left suppose to be the berserk mastery which it never take fly because a series of flaw in his design.This would help it be more than a simple gneral class buff utility mastery and more a proper per se mastery with his unique them (which still require love yet it could now be tweek).
-2h mastery would gain in deepth of spec points requirements
-st utility would be split from aoe utility and dmg
-left mastery could then be fix for his own needs with out bother too much of nerf aoe or st builds altogheter
-this wont nerf aoe builds which remain strong for rvr (and loose something they should not have for free as heal debuff), and gain something more usefull given they are the berserk classes so a bit of self heal cant do ill thing in rvr (st dmg for rvr are worst than a drop and forget heal debuff and while channeling you dant aoe --->basicaly a panic button for choppa/slaye in rvr which can be also interrupt).

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Re: choppa/slayer kill st+aoe build

Post#2 » Sat Nov 17, 2018 7:46 pm

While we're not taking proposals, the issues you make are valid ones, and this will be relayed to the rest of the team.

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