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[Black Orc] Mor'Hardcore tactic

For proposals that have been rejected.

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[Black Orc] Mor'Hardcore tactic

Post#1 » Fri Sep 28, 2018 12:06 pm

Black Orcs (and SwordMasters) since live had always the issue of having an aoe medium to small punt thus being the only tanks that had problems peeling out with a single target long punt specific targets away from the field. For the case of the Black Orc at least that was overlooked since you could play as a dps hybrid using the popular tree hit combo/gs/sygd synergy while still using a shield filling the role of a tanky assist mdps hybrid and leaving the long punt duty to other tanks. With the new direction the Black orc got, having purist setups, for ex. if you want dps/assist tree you HAVE to be 2h for tree hit combo, and if you play snb da toughest spec you act as a utility pure defencive tank granting wounds buff to the whole grp(not only yourself anymore which is great change) and the new cc/dmg reduction ability. Having a reliable ST long punt would complement even better the pure defencive/utility option for the black orcs and give another reason for black orc players to spec for da toughest. There is a tactic in da toughest tree, Mor' Hardcore that at its current state (live) is useless esp for a tactic that high on the tree (11pts), my proposal is to turn this tactic into a long punt for ya missed me (since you made it a core ability as well) this way you give BO players another reason to use shields. That way imo you are balancing the fact that if you slot this tactic bos will have an aoe medium punt and a ST long punt at the same time but with the restriction of having to use shield for ya missed me, having to slot a tactic AND an ability that requires block to cast are enough restrictions.

Problem: Only tank along with SM with no ST long punt/Mor' Hardcore 11pts tactic but completely useless since live

Solution: Make Mor' Hardcore turn Ya missed me (now core da toughest ability) into a long punt instead of current Ya missed me and Right in da jibbles medium punt.
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