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[KOBS] mighty soul

For proposals that have been rejected.

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[KOBS] mighty soul

Post#1 » Sun Sep 30, 2018 5:18 pm


1-no real use for the tactic, if we take chosen/sm as starting points a mastery is balanced to do either one type of dmg; so assuming glory do base physic dmg and the tactic work as a dmg type swapper then the swap should lead to a significant dmg increase, which dont happen no matter what, to make the tactic worth, due glory only had 3 skills which can do dmg exept stag :
- one consist in a interrupt/dot for 5 sec (which is used for interrupt tough it can do ok dmg )
- one is a double component dot+ direct dmg skill with the aim to be a filler between apply a dot and not stop to direct dmg (tought the dmg is inferior to let's say precision strike)
-and last one consist of a ap remove with cd.

2-is also high in mastery which should mean a real good asset for the class in first place, moreover due both be 13pt and also on glory mastery this could lead so high in this mastery to leave behind other good assets for the class (vigilange etc etc)


modify mighty soul
changed to "your attacks from glory mastery will now do elemental dmg, furthermore they will ignore X % of enemy magical resistence".

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