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[Zealot] Let's Talk About Tzeentch’s Talon

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[Zealot] Let's Talk About Tzeentch’s Talon

Post#1 » Tue Dec 04, 2018 7:34 pm

I think it's about time to start discussing, if not addressing, one of the most over performing and efficient Morale 1s in the game. I will go over the issues with the Tzeentch’s Talon and what I believe should be done to resolve the problems that it presents..

The Issues

Issue 1: Poor sacrifice/reward balance

Tzeentch’s Talon is one of the most efficient M1s in the game, able to remove up to 1320 Armor and reduce the target's Resistances (ALL OF THEM) by 504 for a total of 15 seconds, yet the cost remains the same as a standard “one-trick pony” M1 like an 1800 heal or 900 damage/450 HoT. With the reversion of Morale gains back to semi-Live, and the propensity for Destruction to have access to and use morale pumps, Tzeentch’s Talon is easily up and ready before or on cooldown, thus making it a huge debuff that is very easy to supply. The only costs of the morale are the opportunity cost of not running a different M1 of lesser worth for the Zealot and the group, while the benefit when used on low armor classes is a removal of more armor than a Tanks M1 and removing more resistances than any other class in game.

I feel it is important to mention that of all the healing classes, the Zealot is the only class to have such an effective and arguably overpowered Moral 1. Someone will undoubtedly mention that AMs have a “tank-esque” M1 shield, but I remind you that that M1 was hit hard by the balance team because of its uptime and overpowering strength. Tzeentch’s Talon is basically in the same boat; it is too powerful when compared to other healing classes M1s and its uptime is prolific.

Issue 2: Ease of use

Tzeentch’s Talon has a 100 foot range, allowing the Zealot to apply the debuff on the frontline target without giving up his positional advantage. This M1 benefits the Zealots entire team of DPS as the armor debuff helps physical damage and the resists the Magical DPS. There is no need to place anything at risk for the Zealot. He can simply retain his positional advantage and provide his focus train a huge edge in burning down a target. Morale gains as they sit today allow for use on CD.

The other issue with Tzeentch’s Talon is that as a morale, it cannot be cleansed. Once applied, it runs for the full 15 seconds. Even a decent kiting class will have issues kiting for a full 15 seconds while armor and resist stripped.

Solving the Tzeentch’s Talon Issue

I think there are four solution paths that can be taken here. I will list them in order of preference.

Solution 1: Change the Delivery Method

The range of Tzeentch’s Talon is currently 100 feet. Again, this makes the application very easy and very little risk for a lot of reward. If the M1 effects are left as-is, but the range was changed to 5 feet, or melee range, the use of the M1 would change from an offensive add-in, to a defensive assist. Currently, the Zealot is at max range, providing a huge debuff to the focus target for its Dps. No risk, all reward. If the range were changed to 5 feet, the Zealot would use Tzeentch’s Talon on MDPS that attack them as a way to assist in the Zealots own defense. Team members trying to save the Zealot would have an easier time eliminating the threat thanks to the Zealot using Tzeentch’s Talon on the threat. The change in range would change the essence of the M1, making it a defensive move, or force the Zealot up into the front lines to use Tzeentch’s Talon on the focus target. This change would provide more Risk/Reward in using the M1 as well as change it from an offensive weapon to a more defensive skill.

Solution 2: Changing effectiveness of Tzeentch’s Talon

This would necessitate removing one of the debuffs from the morale:

1a. Resists Debuff: Change Tzeentch’s Talon into a pure Resists debuff in line with what a Chosen would provide at max skill tree points. This would take Tzeentch’s Talon M1 back down to the useful, but not overpowered state an M1 should have. As some Zealots are DPS and magical casters, I think it is only sensible to default to Tzeentch’s Talon providing a Resistance Debuff of around 336 of all resistances. It make little sense for the armor debuff since it only benefits MDPS and no Zealot is going to melee a target down.

1b. Armor Debuff: Change Tzeentch’s Talon into a pure Armor debuff in line with what a Tank has as an M1. This would take Tzeentch’s Talon M1 back down to the useful, but not overpowered state an M1 should have. In this form, Tzeentch’s Talon would be a group utility M1 providing a direct benefit to the MDPS in the fight – remember the armor is reduced for all attackers, not just the Zealots party.

Solution 3: Move Tzeentch’s Talon out of M1 and into M3

If the effects of the M1 are left as-is, and the range is not adjusted, then the only path to balancing this morale is to move it from the M1 slot up to a Morale 3 slot. It is in line with the benefits and effects of many M3s from other healers. It is in line with the utility of other Morale 3s like Universal Confusion or Divine Protection, and is still more useful than many M3s on all healers.

Solution 4: Modify the cooldown.

This would mean making the CD on Tzeentch’s Talon 120 seconds or greater to avoid the 100% uptime issue provided by morale gain levels and morale pump tactics on Destruction. It would also lessen the effectiveness as less use = less effective. Doubling the CD on Tzeentch’s Talon would mean leaving the effects as-is.

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