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Whats wrong with tanks?

Posted: Sat Feb 02, 2019 4:33 pm
by Tobias26
Hello everyone. I have a kotbs with full vanq and 68 rp and chosen with full vanq and 67 rp. I play rvr and scenes every day. Lets talking about tanks, all of them. What's happened with that archetype recently?
1. Devs nerf toughness, and nerf toughness again against DOT's - now tank with 1k toughness can get 500 damage per tick from single dot easily.
2. Devs forget about "cool" debuffs like engineers Pierce defence - now tank can spent 60 rp for defence parameters (block, parry, dodge) and just single engineer can make it a garbage. Just one shoot to tank. Three engineers can make a garbage your Hold the line - debuff stacks. And tank cant do something against that debuff - its just tactic and effect cant be dodged/disrupted. In additions, classes like a slayer can ignore your block/parry, BW can ignore your disrupt, etc.
3. Armor. Armor ignore all consecutive. Weapon skills (include sets like opressor - its not a tank garbage set) and carrier/mastery skills. Some classes like WH can ignore ALL of tank armor.
4. Devs increase magic resistance by some ways and increase damage from casters. So, casters still can do dps, but tank with elemental/spirit damage (chosen, kotbs) - no. Base of their skills didnt changed, and their resistance debuffs are weak.
5. Devs nerf opressor sets, and now, for example, tanks opressor carapace reduce armor penetration, except crit +2%. BiS set. 3rd effect of this set just add 1% more damage (10% chance to get that buff on attack) and stacks 5 times. Dps classes makes debuff for 100 toughness and increase their main stat (like weapon skills) for 100, and tanks get weak stacking buff for misery damage increase. And after many days of farm, many nerves spent you will get full set - you get last set bonus - increase critical damage for 5%. Tanks, with 20-30% crit in the best case. Looks like a total joke.

Now, tanks:
- cant be a tank, because all defence parameters are garbage;
- cant do dps (except SM maybe), because their damage nerfed, base of skills is weak and top set is garbage.

The current situation developed gradually, but now the imbalance has reached a critical point. DPS classes can tanking; healers can deal significant damage; tanks can't do anything. What's next? Nerf guard?

What could be suggestions to remedy the current situation?
1. Need to add to all tanks (SM should be considered separately) a tactic like a WP Divine fury - massive damage increase (25-30%) with 2h weapon. No need to nerf something with this tactic - tank already nerf himself by equip 2h weapon (he cant use Hold the line). Focused offence in its current form is absolutely useless - too weak damage increase and a very strong debuff. Lowering protective parameters should not be at all.
2. Rework debuffs like an engi Pierce defence - it should not stack and 15% reduction - is very, very huge, debuff should be like 5-7%.
3. Rework armor penetration system. Set any static limit of armor ignoring, for example, no one can ignore more than 2000 armor.
4. Rework abilities that ignore block/parry/dodge/disrupt - none of them should last very long, maximum 5-7 seconds.
5. Adds to tank opressor sets bonuses like a dps classes - decrease target toughness and increase strenght, for example. And last bonus should add 4% total damage, not 5% crit damage.

I believe that these measures are urgent. You work on all classes except tanks. If you get to tanks - you nerf them more, as happened with BG in the last update. Thanks for your attention.