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Opresor sets for tanks

For proposals that have been rejected.

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Opresor sets for tanks

Post#1 » Mon Feb 11, 2019 1:03 pm

Hello everyone. I apologize if I went back to the wrong section... I would like to draw the developers ' attention to the opressor set for tanks, specifically on the 4th and 6th bonuses. I recorded a video to show how bad the buff stacks at 5% damage, check out:
For a set of five stacks of buff I have to constantly attack my target for about a minute (!), and even in this case I can lose all my stacks at any time due to the extremely low chance of proc. It's no secret that most tanks choose a Dominator set because of more useful stats on items and better bonuses. Please note that the proc of taunt in Dominator set has the same chance of triggering, but stacks does not require, of course, it is much more useful. 6th bonus opressor set no less controversial. Most tanks don't have a high crit chance, and 5% critical damage is in fact a 1-2% increase in all damage, which seems completely useless. Total: we have a top set in the game with two almost useless bonuses. As a result, almost none of the tanks had used it. My suggestions:

1. Rework 4th bonus of Opressor set, make it like "10% chance to increase you total damage for 5% when you attack a target"
2. Rework 6th bonus of Opressor set, make it like "Increase your total damage for 5%"
remove this bonus and add a bonus similar to the 4th Dominator set bonus instead, 10% chance to taunt your target when you attack it.

Thanks for your attention.
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Re: Opresor sets for tanks

Post#2 » Mon Feb 11, 2019 1:05 pm

Circumventing instructions not to post this in the Balance Forum (Feedback is a subforum of 'Gameplay and Balance Discussion').

Declined. Again.

If you were to post this anywhere, my advice would be to do so in the Suggestions & Feedback area.

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