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[WL/SH] pet class

Posted: Mon May 06, 2019 4:31 am
by anarchypark

pets are their strength and weakness though the gap between 2 points are big.
too weak in big scale, too strong in small scale.
this is a pattern of pet class.
in case of engie/magus, too weak in skirmish, too strong in siege.
trade off.
good at something, bad at other.
players weight on good area only, it's destined to shake balance.

history ( recent )

in big scale,
pets can't survive many hostiles.
while no longer target of aoe heal, they take aoe dmg.
they were unkillable with aoe heal, so it had to go.
to compensate this they got stat buff.
( or simply back to AoR status )
pets of full spec WL/SH are devastator lvl as far as i know.

in small scale,
with increased pet stats,
they are almost 30lvl player.


all other burst class have weakness and limit.
- WH/WE : stealth. weak armor.
- sorc/BW : mechanic, weak armor.
- WL/SH : pet
after pet buff, weakness of WL/SH are greatly reduced.
and kept their advantage over other burst class.
mobility and medium armor.
on paper, it's top of the food chain.


you have to consider that synergy comes from individuals.
some have low individual abilities but high synergy.
some viceversa.
pet class have least synergy in grp environment because pet dies by focus fire.
you only looked at synergy part,
overall pet buff moved them into ok position in 6vs6.
pets survive long enough against 4 assist for player to have rotation.
but created loophole in every other area.


reduce strength, amend weakness. by stats.
let's say current status is 50% durable 50% dmg.
move it to 75% durable 25% dmg.
there are 3 sources of stats.
base stats, item bonus and bonus from mastery points.
base and mastery bonus should be changed.
can't touch item bonus i guess.

pets will survive longer.
reliable plays are possible in large scale and not too strong in small scale.